Stimulous Package scam or IRS mistake

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  1. I wanted to warn my fellow OGF members about a possible scam or IRS mix up. A family member of mine received a check for $1300 and she cashed it. (senior citizen) Thought she was to get this much. She did not know any better. She was only to get $300. IRS might charge her interst now and the bank is investigating if this check was a real check or a scam.

    SO be careful about your rebate check.
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    Uuuummmmm...! Interesting, thanks for the heads up. ;)

  3. I will keep an eye on my account for sure. I filed electronically so thats how I'll get mine but just have to make sure its the right amount. Thanks for the heads up.:B
  4. im starting to think the whole thing is a scam. i was supposed to get mine in the first batch (last week) and havent gotten it yet:confused:


    mine finally showed up today
  6. I have 2 other people who got odd numbers..there's was taxed!

    oh and the person who got $1300 and should not have had not filed direct deposit and was not suppose to get anything till june..based on the IRS thing of checks being sent by last 2 #'s of social security number.

    some people are getting there's early, some late. etc. I think it's all messed up.

    some say you have to claim it as income on next years taxes. ??
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    If I remember correctly, you should not have to claim this on your federal but you probably will for you state income tax. :(
  8. There is a scam going on right now. People are getting fake checks. I've heard of one other account of of this. The other guy who told me about this said the check in question didn't come from the IRS. It came from some place in New York.
  9. Okay I am a bit stumped on how anyone has anything to gain from sending out bogus checks and also how someone who cashed these checks when they were told that they would receive a check from the IRS would get in trouble.:confused: It just seems like an awful lot of work and expense to go to sending out bogus checks to random folks. :confused:
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    They are probably like the credit card checks you get in the mail. You cash them for a cash type advance. By cashing them, you agree to their terms, and you get charged high interest rates.

    And "YES" you will have to pay taxes on it you will claim it for next year taxes. Save at least 30-40 percent of the check to cover the taxes on it for next year and you shouldn't be caught short and have to pay out of your pocket.
  11. I agree w/Toxic. It sounds like those cash advance checks you get in the mail from credit card companies. I had a feeling the sleezeballs would be working overtime once folks started getting their hands on these stimulus checks.

    On another note, your stimulus check will be direct deposited into your bank account if that is how you received your last tax refund from the IRS.
  12. Straight from the IRS:

    Q. Is my stimulus payment taxable?

    A. No. You will not owe tax on your payment when you file your 2008 federal income tax return. But you should keep a copy of the IRS letter you receive later this year listing the amount of your payment.
  13. There still invetigating it but when she gets the "check" back from the bank they can view it closer and see where it really came from. I am anxious to find out. I'll keep you posted.
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    WOW! Do you remember the last one we got several years ago? We had to pay taxes on it:confused: I wonder why is this one different? Just curious, did you find this on the IRS website?
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    This is on the IRS website....,,id=177937,00.html

    Rebate Scam Alert
    Be aware that identity thieves are already pushing scams involving the stimulus payments. At least one telephone scam is making the rounds using the proposed rebates as bait. News release IR-2008-11, IRS Warns of New E-Mail and Telephone Scams Using the IRS Name; Advance Payment Scams Starting, has more details.
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    +1 on the email "phishing" scams, I've gotten two so far. They claim to be from the IRS, and they want to make a direct deposit to your account.

    ...just click here to provide a few details about your account...
  17. Net, I received the same mailing from the IRS saying you do not have to claim it on the 2008 tax year and it will not effect anything else.I can verify that.
  18. What a bunch of crap!!! pay tax on a tax rebate!! It was MY money to begin with!!! If they really wanted this whole stimulus package to work, they would have just gave us all a no fed tax paycheck once, that would have stimulated the economy, not this entitlement crap...
  19. Reading must be a challenge at 1:46 AM.