Stillwater Smallie

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dodgeboy75, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Finally got the monkey off my back and caught something other than dink channels, carp and chubs. I've been fishing the same stretch every other day and have thrown just about everything, but today I was throwing a firetiger SSR7 and caught this smallie, not quite 14 in.
  2. nice gonna put my10 ft pelican plastic special on the river very soon

  3. River has been flowing pretty good, still too fast for me in a canoe and the water clarity is getting better everyday.
  4. i usually put my boat in north of i cant think of the town right now, i just go north on 48 past west milton and then another town, then out in the country a bit, maybe covington, anyway where abouts did u fish today? Do you ever hit greenville creek....ive heard its good. I went south last year until I hit a pretty good falls that I couldn't get down, i got out and waded and fished right on the edge of the falls and caught a few smalls and and countless rock bass. It was kind of dangerous, i mean i wouldn't want to slip in that.
  5. Good deal!

    Glad someone is fishing!