Stillwater River

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Buckeyes1G, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. i went to the river last week, i put in north of pleasant hill by an old iron bridge that is no longer in service. Just due south there is another bridge that is used. I traveled south down to a dam. We caught fish (nothing big) at the dam. We were reeling in large-small and rockbass. It was my fist time at the river, i loved it, but i was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me some advice about maybe a better spot to fish north or south. When we got to dam we got out of the boat and stood on top and casted down into the rapids, there was a grassy area. Some guys in canoes went on down and shot out of there like rockets, it looked fun, but i was afraid my battery would die on me so we didnt go any further. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also we were using a bronze rubber craw that i bought at anglers in englewwod, some one told me they were golden, i wouldnt go as far as saying that, i think i caught more on rooster tails, anyway, thanks in advance. Go-Bucks
  2. I'm not from Dayton but have a friend who fishes the stillwater right next to wegerzyns park. He catches smallmouth often there. Not sure if that stop is up river or down from where the rapids are you stopped at...

    All he uses is rooster tails. He was there Tuesday night and caught half a dozen. Invited me to come, but it was grocery night. :)

  3. The spot Buckeye is talking about is way up north past West Milton. I have fished that stretch around Wegyrzyn Park as well, caught a decent channel cat on a rebel craw last week. There were still alot of carp playing around but that area is good wading waters.