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Stillwater River West milton area

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BigLunkerSOB, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. BigLunkerSOB

    BigLunkerSOB Bengals 4-life WHO DEY

    Has anyone caught Smallies w/any size in the Stillwater? I have fished near West Milton and so far I haven't caught any w/much size maybe 1lb being the largest Smallie. I've been using dark colored tubes, jigs, rooster tails, beetle spins and pretty much anything i can think of. Anyone have any luck?
  2. Those bigger fish have to be where the oxygen is. With the seemingly endless drought and the heat those fish will be in deeper pools and/or stacked on moving water lines (riffles). I was on the GMR last night and found a lot of mid-sized fish sitting on a moving water line coming off and eddy/riffle in 2ft of water. I didn't catch any anywhere else .....

  3. Big Have you fished at the Old DPL sub station of of 48 just north of town? Its before you get to Calumet. There used to be a lowhead type dam there and have done well there in the past.
  4. at fenner road there is a small cove right off the little dam awesome fishing there also just below the bridge at horseshoe bend there is a little island caught some decent smallies and some nice rock bass. watch out if you was to bottom fish there are some huge turtles my friend pulled one up a couple days ago about 35 to 40 pounds
  5. BigLunkerSOB

    BigLunkerSOB Bengals 4-life WHO DEY

    Medlife- Holy crap a 40 pound turtle, I will give wading a second thought now after hearing that. Squid-I have fished where you mentioned in the past, but not lately, I need to get down there. I have been catching a some decent smallies, but none much bigger than the 1lb range. thanks for the suggestions, I will find the bigger ones sooner or later, this drought sucks though we need some rain.
  6. i am fishing west millton park on sunday
  7. Myself, my brother and my dad fished off of rangeline on fathers day all the fish were stacked up in about 2 foot of water right behind the riffles. we caught a couple that probably went 2 maybe 3 pounds.
  8. I fished that same area some 30 years ago and those same size turtles were there then!!!!:)
  9. I have been fishing the West Milton park an doing good.
  10. i am the owner of the land on the east side of the stillwater damn in west milton right where the dp&l fields are just the opposite side i own and i have a yamaha rhino riding in the sand most the time in the day and i have signs posted up like no trespassing and beware of dogs because i really dont want people there and it is a great place to fish but its mine and by the way i am only 16 and my name is alex england and my dad's name was david level and my grandfather's name was joel level so just dont piss me off because most you knew my family and also i caught like 9 catfish there yesterday
  11. We all need to be aware of others' property rights. Always ask permission to fish on someone else's land. However, to the young property owner, discretion is the better part of valor.
  12. fshnteachr

    fshnteachr Lovin' the Outdoors

    I have fished there several times....others fishing too. One day, the property owners were out fishing and had their dog with them. They seemed quite friendly. Nothing was said about not fishing that spot. I would never fish on someone's land without permission.

    (That run on sentence was a CLASSIC! :) Sorry, the teacher in me coming out! No harm intended!)
  13. english class make sure miss you not
  14. Well said. That kind of post will provoke some people to go there just to piss you off. Most people on here are pretty respectfull and mature. Pleases and thank yous go a much longer way than demands. ;)
  15. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Punctuation is the key :p
  16. or lack there of!
  17. Wow, you're quite eloquent. Have you ever considered a career in professional wrestling?
  18. Last time I checked as long as your boating in the states water you aren't tresspassing correct, land owners own the land under it but not the water itself. Sounds like I may have to take my little river boat up from a public access and fish that area. Not that I don't respect property owners rights but I hate inflamatory posts, and people trolling trying to start fights.
  19. Ha - professional wrestling. Nice one, Joe.

    Just to prolong this discussion, is it not the case that the land under the water can only be owned (and thus trespassed upon) if both sides of the waterway are owned causing the property line to cross through the stream bed? Also, even in this case, I believe that a navigable waterway cannot be owned and a float trip would be legal?

  20. Gigun is right: if your in a water craft of some sorts it's not tresspassing but if you are wading you are tresspassing. This topic has been worn out on this forum in the past.