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fished the stillwater tonight tonight for about an hour with Renee to do alittle prefishing for this weekends tournament !! we decided to try one of the hard hit public spots just to see if the cats were biting. i had 5 decent runs on creek chubs that i missed , the fish ran hard and just didnt hook up !!! the chubs were smashed, which is typical of channel cats when they cant get the bait all the way into their mouths, so im thinking it was channel cats hitting. i finally had a decent run on cut shad just at dark that i hooked and landed it was a 3 lbs 11 oz channel !!! renee only had one light picky bite !! i cant complain that was more bites then we had the entire last tournament, i think the channel cats might finally be starting to bite alittle !!


well waited on my buddy to call until almost 9 and then decided to give the same area that i fished last night a try !! fished for over 2 hours ............tried cut shad and night crawler and live creek chubs and live gills. had one run the whole time around 1015 and hooked into a pretty heavy fish, fought it for a good while and it just came off.......IF it was a channel it was a dandy one ..........im kinda guessing it was a flattie because it stayed deep the entire fight and inhaled a 7 inch chub. it had the whole chub in its mouth and didnt leave a mark on it in fact the chub was still really lively, and as we all know channel cats have a tendency to crush a bait and mark it up a good bit !!!

i am still TOTALLY lost as to where to fish for the TCBA cat tourney saturday night !! one fish here and there isnt gonna win it !!! with 3 different tournaments going on this weekend its gonna be hard to find a decent spot to fish !!!:( :(
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