Stillwater 10/05 and 10/06

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  1. Hit the Stillwater yesterday, first up north then more in my area. Up north the river is so low I don't link the fish can make it through the riffles. I found one good pool to fish, but it was so isolated that I think it had already been fished out by the locals. Then about to call the quits and put up the big :S I decided to hit more in my area. Got one SM about 10 in and tried to wade some other spots, again the water is too low. My suggestion for any one who fishes or is planning on fishing this water way, with the water this low don't gamble on places you haven't fished yet. If you know where to go, where the water is deep try there, don't spend two hours tromping though ankle deep water in search of a waist deep hole that doesn't even provide any fish.

    When out on a hike today in an area I had not fished yet, kind of scouting it out. Brought my casting pole and tried a few cast, on the third I was able to land a SM, again about 10 to 12 in, got anouther good hit a couple of minutes later got off :( .

    Not my most successful couple of days but, hey at least I have a new hole to wade.

    Also, I have a question. Both fish I caught literally almost swallowed the lure whole. Both fish were released but I needed pliers to get the hooks out and really tore up the poor fish's moths. Any suggestions on how I can help the fish survive after having to tear them up like that.
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    Momma said there'd be days like that. :) Hey, better than getting skunked! I love to wade fish myself and discover new holes, but I never go in completely blind to a spot. I recommend scouting out areas you plan to fish on MSN Live Maps first (the deeper water shows in like a dark blue color on most images), that way you can save yourself the time of slipping on rocks in two inches of water and most times you can see places you can park too.
    As far as saving the fish... I dunno, what were you using? Lure may be too small or they may be really aggressive... or possibly not setting the hook fast enough if you're using plastic.
    Good report either way.

  3. Nice report. Pretty well summed up my last 2-3 Stillwater experiences, except I didn't even get the dinks. I probably won't bother again until the water comes back up some.

    Depending on how the fish is hooked sometimes you can go through the gills to unhook them. There was a thread about the technique a while back and I actually had/got to use it successfuly on a smallie - it's surprisingly effective.
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    Replace your trebles w/ singles. You'll land more fish and have an easier time unhooking them.TC1
  5. Yeah, one was caught on a treble, the other must just have been hungry :) Hey thanks for the msn tip Plaker, I have been told this before. The poor mans GPS, is what I have heard this described as. I went on to look in my area, but roads were missing and the image was not clear, I think I am too far out in BFE. Google Earth is a little bit better in my area, I can plot trails w/ distances, search by low head dam name, etc.