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  1. Purchased couple of items from OGF on Sept 14 I am still waiting for them .Could somebody Help Me Ihave already written them once with no reply

    Thank You
  2. Wannabitawerm

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    Keep trying, bud. I thought I had the same problem, turns out they, (postal service) delivered to the wrong address. They are usually very good with that.

  3. DaleM

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    What did you order? I'm the one that send out all the orders and as of today there are no orders that we have received that haven't been sent out.
    Let me know what you ordered, when you made payment and your address ( in a PM to me) I'll follow up and get it taken care of. I send ALL orders out the same day or the next day, unless it's received on a Saturday. I have all the items we sell here in stock. Let me know and I'll get it resolved.
    PM me all the info and if you have a copy of your payment PM that also.
    Sorry for the mix up, but as Wannabit stated, I have no control over the USPS. The only problems we have had is delivered to the wrong address or lost in the mail and delivered way late. I had one that was delivered 2 months after I sent the order out again. Please let me know. as we try very had to keep our members happy.
  4. freyedknot

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    sounds like it is from a member ,not the site ?
  5. Dale M.
    I ordered a vinyl decal white and a offiical Team OGF T-Shirt size XL. I ordered them on sunday Sept. 14 My order ID236 .I went through Pay Pal my Reciept numberis2226-4216-2159-1454 My name is Thomas Haubert
    2629 Northland St.
    Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

    Hope you can figure out what happened Thank You for your help
  6. DaleM

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    That was sent out Sept. 17th. I didn't have power so I had to wait until I got the computer running off the generator.
    I'll send out another order for you. If you get the first one let me know. Sorry for the delay.
  7. Iwill be sure to let you know what happens on this end.
    Thank You
    Thomas Haubert-Pubert
  8. Great costumer service!!!!! Thats the way to do business!!!
  9. Dale M
    Thanks, My shirt and decal came today Oct 6 also thank you for the extra Decal Iwill let you know if the first order ever shows up.
    Thanks Again
    Thomas Haubert Pubert