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  1. Been fishing Erie more an more thinking of a biger boat. Have had outboards only but why not a stern drive if fishing big water in a 18 to 20 ft boat.Any body that can give me the pros an cons it would be welcome.
  2. Cons- Most have a dog house in the back of the boat taking up stearn space.
    They must be winterized or kept in a heated garage.

    Pros- They are quiet compared to some outboards
    Used they are cheaper alot of times (Can also be a con)
    If familiar with auto mechanics may be able repair some yourself

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    IO's need a bit more maintenance. It only takes me a few minutes to drain the block, so that is really not an issue. Motor takes some space in the back, but so does an outboard. They both have lower units so that is a wash, but an IO also has an upper unit that adds another set of gears if you need to repair. Boots need to be changed every 3 or 4 years so that is another cost. Other than that, I love my IO. Big high transom, with ladder. weight is a little bit forward, not hanging on the back. A lot more quiet, and gas mileage seems to be better. I also can do the maintenance myself. Outboards probably need a mechanic. On my boat the IO cover provides a really sweet seat for perch fishing. No matter what you get just treat it well and it will treat you well.
  4. Good info so far. I think an inboard makes turns slower, also it's easier and cheaper to hook up a kicker with an outboard, which with an inboard if you go for walleye you'll probably want a bag or bags to slow you down.