Stern Drive Question

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  1. I am going to throw out an easy one for all of you boat owners. I am going to pick up my first boat this weekend. It is a stern drive boat, 16 ft, 35 hp with trailer. Knowing all this, I have a question. Max hp on many inland lakes is 10 hp and I will obviously want to purchase a smaller hp motor and/or a trolling motor.

    When I buy the smaller motor (under 10 hp) will this be an easy thing to mount and what will i do with my 35 hp? Will I have to remove it or can I just leave it? For instance, I want to go to Pymy Lake with my boat but max hp is 10 hp. Thanks in advance to everyone!

  2. You can easy easily leave the big motor on and put the 9.9 on as well. You would have to put the 9.9 toward the side of the boat and that will affect your boat's steering and performance. Also the added weight of the big motor will cut down on you capacity and performance. For these reasons I choose to pull the big motor off and only go with the one I will need that day. Most restricted lakes will allow you to have the larger motor on as long as it is in the up position but I have heard mention before of some lakes frowning on this practice.

  3. Thanks, BK.

    How about a trolling motor with the 35 hp in up position? Would that fly?
    At Pymy?
  4. Easiest thing will be to just mount the smaller motor to the side. The idea of removing a 35 hp motor often doesn't appeal to me. ;) Usually, when you mount a smaller motor to a bigger boat, it won't push it fast enough to worry about handling. At least mine won't. Depending on the boat, you may or may not need a bracket to mount the smaller motor.
  5. I can't tell you how the rules are on Pymy as I have never fished there. Someone here should be able to answer that question for you.

    M.Magis is right that you won't have to worry much about handling issues most likely. The other thing I don't like is reaching the motor for steering and starting when it is on the side. Plus often times I am running my boat with my 3 boys and pushing up somewhat close to the boat's weight carrying capacity so removing the big motor's extra weight is a real plus. My "big" motor is only an 18HP for now so it is not as much of a task to go on and off with it either. I suppose a 35HP would be a pretty difficult task for one person all of the time but easily manageable for two.
  6. Thanks Bk and M Magis,

    I certainly appreciate the advice. I dont really want to keep taking off the 35hp.