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  1. When you think of diabetes and those that have diabetes who do you think of? When I think of diabetes and those that had it I always think of little old ladies. Unfortunately it is not just little old ladies that are diagnosed with diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association 20.8 million children and adults in the United States have diabetes. 14.6 million of those people are aware they have diabetes, and sadly 6.2 million have no idea they have diabetes. There are 4,110 people that find out daily that they have diabetes. According to ADA statistics there were 1.5 million new cases of diabetes diagnosed in 2005 in people ages 20 years and older.

    In May of this year I joined those 20.8 million people that have diabetes. When I was first diagnosed I was confused, scared and embarrassed. I was confused and embarrassed because I though I was too young to have diabetes. Remember I thought only little old ladies get or have diabetes. I was scared because of all the horror stories you hear about people with diabetes. I decided to change things so I would not become one of those horror stories.

    With the staggering numbers above and my diagnoses I’ve decided to walk in the “Stepout to Fight Diabetes” walk on October 28 at COSI in Downtown Columbus. This walk is to raise money for diabetes research. The money raised will benefit everyone that has diabetes and help to prevent future cases of diabetes. Of those 1.5 million new cases diagnosed in 2005, one of those may have been someone you know.

    If you are interested in sponsoring me you can do it a couple of different ways. You can go on line to Tony's Tigers and in the middle of the page you will see a list of people that are on my team. If you click on my name it will take you to another page where you can add your donation or if you would like to give me a cash or check donation that would be fine also. On that same page if you are interested in joining my team and walking with us you can do that also and all the information is there.

    Thank you for your time and if you donate thank you for your donation all 20.8 million of us appreciate it.
  2. Less than 2 years ago Hunter my 11 year old was diagnosed. It has really changed his life. We are invloved in 2-3 different fundraisers every year. Its funny I saw this today, tomorrow Hunter is the youth ambassador for the ADA golf outing. This is the picture he picked for the literature that went out.[​IMG]

    He was a little disapointed they cut out the fish!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about Hunter's diagnoses. I'm glad to hear that you are getting involved in the different fundraisers. This is my first one and I'm planning on being more involved next year.
  4. This is the Dockdabber, In March of this year my 2 year old grand daughter went into the hospital with a blood sugar of 876, Wow what a scare. She as expected was fornd to have this treeiable desease. She was getting 8 shots aday for a couple months. Now we was able to get her on the pump and that has helped alot. But we still cant get her regulated. Man you talk about something changing your lifes this will do it. It just hurts me to think of all the fun things little children grow up with that she will have to miss. Birthday partys, Trick or treat man you cant imagine what all this changes. My wife being a RN is a big help to my daughter and her husband with this. God Bless you for the help you are giving to the foundation and keep up the good work. I do believe we will see a cure in the near future. Thank You
  5. At least she's young enough to not have been spoiled by all that. I have been spoiled for 24 years with that stuff and it's even harder to take it away from me. Stories like yours make me want to raise more money so some day little kids and parents won't have to worry about this and they can just worry about playing with dolls and having fun.
  6. Dock dabber, I obviously don't know the specfics of your granddaughter's situation but Hunter has not had to miss out on much. It just a matter of moderation, he still has b-day cake, some hollowween candy, its just he can't go nuts like the other kids. My wife(who is an rn also) has done a great great job of educating herself and the rest of the family.

    We are fighting with the insurance company right now over the pump:mad:

    On a somewhat positive not Hunter did a great job giving his speech and got a standing ovation!! He also got to spend the afternoon riding in a golfcart with an attractive reporter from Fox.:)
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    I just spent a week in the hospital because of my Diabeties, They said that my body was getting amune to the Insulin Im on and it wasn't working right .
  8. Lucky guy. I figured there were perks somewhere. :D

    Sorry to hear that River. Hopefully the Doc's can get things figured out for you.
  9. Just a reminder that this walk is this weekend. If you were thinking about making a donation there is still time to do that. Thanks for everyone's support and prayers.
  10. Our walk was this past Saturday. Sheila, Hunter, and I raised almost $3000!!!
  11. Wow congrats. My team has about $1,100. :eek: Not too bad though for a late start on the fund raising.
  12. My little 2 and a half year old grandaughter also has diabeties. She has a rare type called Mody 4. She is the first case that St Ritas Hospital in Lima ohio has ever seen. There has only been one child studied in the US with this type. We need all the help we can find with this as even the Doctors in this area are lost for words. If any one can give us some insight to this problem we all would be very gratefull for the information. Nothing seems to help get her sugars stable. She is on the pump and that also brings with it its own set of problems. We are all not asking for a miracle cure, but would sure like to have someone give us a possiable direction wich to go with this. In the mean time we pray, and rely in our faith in God to show us the way. Thanks guys for listening, and May God Bless.