Steering cable length?

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  1. Is it possible to use a 144" steering set-up on a 133" measurement without a problem? Thanks in advance, Gabe
  2. if you can route it to take care of the excess,, I think it would be pretty hard to do

  3. Is it rotary or rack-n-piston? Teleflex says to add 18" for rotary and 30" for Rack systems then round up to nearest foot. This is on top of center of steering wheel to motor connection...133" rounds up to !44' as nearest foot.....
  4. Thanks Snake! I completely forgot about the excess cable hanging out of the end that rotates in the steering box. I think you just answered my question.
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    An extra foot or so is pretty easy to loose. If you add a jackplate or a power jackplate you,ll need the extra length. Just a thought. Raider