Steelies this weekend 13th, 14th, 15th??

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by zachtrouter, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. zachtrouter

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    I will be headed out this weekend in search of a few steelies and I was wondering where everybody else is going????? Last friday I put the waders on and hit the Chagrin with no luck. Saw 2 steelies darting up river and that was all the action we had all day. I have been reading the reports about fairport harbor and I think I might have to try there as well. Good luck this weekend and hope to see a few of you guys on the rivers/tribs.
  2. ezbite

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    i saw a post down below where a bunch of OGF members are getting together at the long wall at fairport harbor this sunday morning. id go but im working 16 hrs sunday.:mad:

    just looked, sunday the 14th. 7am, fairport harbor, longwall. im guessing headlands beach parking lot.

  3. ash and conn river are slowly but surely starting to rise up after a decent rain, i caught 3 this morning and 2 more this evening all females theres starting to fill in but more rain is needed thats for sure good luck all
  4. liquidsoap

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    Went to the rocky today and seen a lot of fisherman.
    Didnt see any fish to hand though..
    At least the river was on the rise a bit!
  5. I'm planning on trying the Rock on Monday,hope the guys that go out today and Sunday will post report. Getting the itch for the fall and winter fishing on the Rock.
  6. Went to Fairport today. Lots of people and lots of steelies. Started at 730am took a couple hours but a hooked a couple 24" range. Everyones using spoons, blue/silver was the ticket. Still not hittin the jigs/maggots yet. too early. In 4 hours saw maybe 20 caught.
    Good luck to all. Can't wait to hit the rivers soon.
  7. If maggots aren't working yet, get some minnows..;)
  8. a little white rooster tail worked form me this past weekend @ the Rock... 2 small guys but nice and silver... nice change of pace from fishing the lake!!!. too bad i lost tthe little lure too... it was a good one !!!