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  1. The day started off slow, got up to the Chagrin around noon. I decided to sleep in hoping the water would clear up by the afternoon, but that wasn't the case. It was still pretty stirred up. After an hour or so and getting into an argument with some guy, I decided to try somewhere else. I went to an unstocked creek a little further east and got skunked at the first try. I then went to spot #2 and it was on! I got 6 steelies in about an hour and a half. There was one other guy that said the action had been good pretty much all day. All of my fish came on jig and maggots. I didn't get anything on sacks or plastics.
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    Glad to hear you got into some steel. I was on the Rock this morning from 7 to 10 with only one small skipper for the day. The water was a little high but still fishable with about 8-10” of vis. Threw jig-n-maggots and sacks (pink, orange and green) finally hitting the skipper on an orange sack in a fast chute. All the guys I past on the river weren’t doing very good ether. Was thinking of heading out to a favorite trib on the east side but I decided to head home. With this rain coming I probably should of made the trip.

    I’ll bet your argument with that guy was because he was trying to mooch in on your spot with out asking, right?

  3. Corndawg,

    Actually, he started yelling at me as soon as I got to the hole. I hadn't even gotten my rod in the water yet. He told me that if I cross him he's going to cut my line, and that I shouldn't be where I was because it was private property. I told him it wasn't private and to F-off. The nerve of people. Whenever I get there and people are already there, I adjust my drifts to them. It's never reciprocated, though. I don't think he had "both oars in the water" because ten minutes later he was trying to be my buddy.
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    time to chuck a boulder to test the waters ,so to speak!
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    Nice avatar corndawg. OFHS class of 78. (Am I old or what?)
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    Hey archerman atleast he wasn't throwing a bobber at your head like the guy was last weekend. I was out on sunday and got into them pretty good. Tough day out east but the fish are stacked in out there. Next time I will go with you and just give him a push in that way no one will be able to cross him. Glad to hear you got into them.
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    keep slamming the Joel!!!!:D
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    Ether he’s a bipolar fisherman or he’s just a little quirky like most steelheaders are. ;)

    Thanks for the compliment. Both of my boys (7 & 8 grade) played last season for the school. I graduated in 77 from Valley Forge so your not old at all.