Steelie rods.

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  1. What sensitivity do u like on ur rods. I had gotten a 10'6" rod and it broke a while ago. I saw it over the weekend and fixed it I had to replace a section of the rod. But the sensitivity is light. I tried to get some panfish but i just couldn't hook them. I dont know i it was the rod or not.
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    i use a 10ft 6in medium action rapala it works well for me.

  3. The majority of the rods I see for steelie fishing are 9ft + and ultra lite. Can't say i've ever gone for steelhead with them, but I assume the UL is so you can be aware of those light bites. I have a hard time setting the hook though with UL's so i've held off on purchasing one myself.
  4. Since most of us drift bait under a bobber or float, sensitivity doesn't make that much of a difference since the strike is visual. If you're dead drifting or throwing hardware, that's a different story. A good rod will have a moderate to moderate fast action tip with enough power (medium/medium light/light) to set the hook from a distance, IMHO. Noodle rods are slow action, ultra light power rods that are good for crappie or smaller fish, but have their limitations for steel. So if you're having a hard time getting a solid hook set and are fishing a noodle rod, you might want to look at something with a little more back bone or really lay the wood to them:D
  5. I use a 10' 6" noodle or ultra lite for steelhead. The learnin I've had from seminars etc. in the past is it's not so much for the lite bite as it is for the lighter tackle used and the ability to tend the line with the longer rod. As mentioned previously, it's mostly drifting with bobbers so it is sight fishing more than anything. I occasionly bottom bounce with it, but I may not be the best source as I am creature of habbit and never catch near the numbers I see posted by others.
  6. Ok thanks. I guess i'm not use to a rod so long. :)
  7. For float (centerpin) fishing I like the 14' 3 piece Raven IM8, which has a moderate tip with medium light power. For noodle rodding, anything in the 10'6" - 13' range with the same action and power.
  8. lol. Well I thought I fixed it but it just broke on me the other day while fishing for crappies. Its a good thing I had a spare. :D
  9. I caught a 24" steelie using my 5' ultra lite up at water St. yesterday. Thought they were all out of the river. Guess not. I was fishing for the bass. 2" black twister tail. I don't think the rod matters, just that your fishin.:)