??Steelie info on grand?? Please

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    Hey Ya'll. We are done with the bass tourni's for this year and our interests are turning to steele fishing. We have our trusty 19 ft bass boat and want to try the grand river trolling or what ever you all say is best. We have rooster tails, spoons, cranks and the good old eire deerie, and we aslo have egg clusters made by berkley. What should we use. Should we troll, cast, drift? if trolling how far back? Can we fish inside the breakwall and how far up the grand can we go without running aground or into something.
    Where can we put in and park that we don't have to worry about someone messing with truck and or trailer? We don't mind paying for safe secure parking like we do at berlin. How much to park?
    Thanks loads.
    don and kim m
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    You can put your boat in at the St. Clair launch ramp for free. The metroparks runs that ramp, and it's always pretty safe. To get there, drive like you are going to Fairport, but right at Grand River tackle make a right instead of going straight. It's the first road on your right, easy to miss!

    You can cast or troll down in the lower stretches of the river. I recommend trolling, spinners, spoons, and cranks. With the water temps being somewhat high still (for steelhead at least), they will be aggressive. We landed 3 there last week, lost two others...