steelie action 10-29 (pics)

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    Got out again this a.m. to float some spawn sacs and also tried minnows briefly for the first time. I was awake at 5 and out the door to head to the euclid creek. Seen a couple caught been we had no luck. Tried store bought salmon eggs for the first and last time ever!!
    Headed east and waded a nice stretch fishing for about 90 minutes. Ended up hooking up with and catching 2. male 21" female 24" Kept the female for some fresh spawn sacs. Both rivers are getting pretty clear even compared to when I was out saturday and sunday. Here are the pics
  2. What river you catch them in???? Thanks

  3. zachtrouter

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    We were by the soccer fields at the Chagrin. Lots of people until we got upriver by the boats then it was just us.
  4. wait did you catch them on salmon eggs or minnows?

    also do you use a spinning setup or what?
    what size hooks ?
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    I got them on salmon eggs and I was using gold eagle claw single salmon egg hooks w/ a spinning outfit. Got the male on red netting and female on chart. netting.
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    very nice hookups