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Steelheader007 - how was the Kokosing?

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by rweis, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Any report on the fishing? I'm just curious because I have an on-river SM seminar there on the 28th.
  2. Well MRO will treat you right but be ahead of the curve and tye some of these patterns up that I will scan in shortly... We caught a few nice 14"+ fish with some rock bass sprinkles in. the Kokosing was in a great shpe for the dog days of summer as far as flow goes. We did allot of blind casting into cover, and rocks. It will be a good trip I'm sure.




  3. Thanks for the input. I just stated tying some clousers and I love that touch of red you have. Maybe call them Woodpecker Clousers? I've had good luck with one that I tie with a tail of 6 or so Peacock Hurls and then use Hurl to wrap the body. I put white deer hair top and bottom. I'm heading up north for a canoe trip and will try to tie some of your clousers before I get there. Thanks again.
  4. the red is a saltwater trademark alot of there flies have it.
  5. I tye all my streamers anymore with a krystal flash red throat since I discovered I get more hits on them than without the throat.

    Do the bottom two in the first picture have dumbell eyes or are they bead chain with eyes added?
  6. Those are dumbell "Metz is the manufacturer" they are the eyes I use 90% of the time for salwater, and they have mad a difference between catching fish and watching others catch fish" L2F how have you been?
  7. I like the looks of those eyes. I may have to get some.

    I don't get to fish as much as I would like to...but who does? The gas prices have kept me from traveling much but it has not been a bad thing. I started exploring more areas locally that I aways meant to in the past and have found I was missing out on some good fishing!