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  1. I was wondering if anyone has hit any steelhead in any of the creeks or rivers yet ??? Chagrin, grand euclid creek???
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    There may be a few in the near lake portions of the river, just a trickle though. With this rain coming this weekend there may be a surge. By mid-October they will be in there. It definately gets my blood pumpin when folks begin to post steelhead threads!

  3. I talked to a couple guys casting down near Gordon Park off Cleveland and they said there are a few fish being caught there. They were casting spoons and spinners.

    I didn't see any steelies caught though.
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    they are beginning to show up at the mouths of the tribs over in pa too. won't be long.
  5. Man I can't wait this is going to be my first year I bought some coveralls for 10 bucks in a Pennsylvania garage sale, I managed to find a perfect fit hip waders for free. I got a nice 11 foot noodle rod and reel. Several types of powerbait and powerbait steelhead worms and plenty of floats weights line. I got a few spoons some jigs I'm gonna figure it out and when I succeed I'm not gonna post a picture because I'm sure I will be holding the fish wrong or have committed some other grievance that knowledgeable fisherman will detest. But the fear of not knowing will not keep me indoors this winter. I'm ready for the unknown.
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    Brother, go get your fish. Hold them the best you can and enjoy every minute of it. Post the picture proudly and you will be forever drawn into the dark world that is steelhead!

    Good luck!
  7. Thank you very much. Remember those that seek knowledge and truth are brothers in cause.
  8. wet a line at daniels park for about an hour and we got 1 creek chub:)
    while practicing with the fly rod.
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    yep, its begun. from shore on erie i mean. yetihw go out and have some fun. enjoy the quest, they can be tough to figure out at first.
  10. So I've been told. Rather than figure out their movements I think I'll watch where the fishermen park, and observe. Its not very original I know but I can Identify a group of fishermen quicker than A steelhead movement me thinks. Thanks all for the encouragement, I just need that first one and all will come from their. I do plan on going to the steelhead expo at the nature center soon, perhaps they will teach me how to hold one their. Happy fishing friends.
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    You know my grandpa told me once the secret to catching fish is to fish where the fish are. 8 out of 10 times where there are fisherman there are fish.
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    i have never caught a steelie but i wanted to this fall/winter. where should i fish and how? i know absolutely nothing about it and i didnt want to go and buy a fly rod. but i have some medium light spinning rigs. would that work and if so what with?
  13. Well you dont have to have a fly rod to catch steelies..I use a 7' medium spinning outfit with 12# test..So you can start with you rod and go from there..I've also caught them with a 6'6'' light weight rod with 8# test..
  14. Castmaster, in my opinion the rod and reel are a preference that will come with experience. Location is also a learned preference. My first fish was a few years back and I had no idea what a steelhead was and a friend asked me to go. I showed up at the river with a 4.5 foot ultra light pole with 4 lb test line and everyone laughed and told me there was no way I would catch anything. It was not easy but it was on a spinner and I landed 2 that day, what a blast and I would do it again. I have since went with a 10.5 foot noodle rod so it is easier fighting fish but just as much fun. attached is a photo of my first.

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    whats the closest spot to akron? and what should i use to get them on?
  16. Hey, I know that spot...

    Actually I was there when you caught than one, and the other very large fish you caught a few years ago. I think that might be me in the background. Can't blow up the picture enough to tell. That spot changed quite a bit this year. Not as generally as deep, but more breaks from deep to shallow.
  17. Are you talking about this one? This is one I will never forget, I have this pic blown up and hanging on my wall, it was a gift from GobyOneGnoby, he was there and helped me land it.
  18. That's the one. The picture doesn't represent the size of the fish very well. Thick and very heavy - a true pig (without lipstick..).
  19. The funny thing I always thought about that pic was the fish made me look smaller than I actually was. I was over 300lbs when I caught it.
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    Go to Willoughby