Steelhead Poachers UPDATE

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  1. The wheels of justice are a turnin'!

    There is a pre-trial scheduled on October 18, 2007 @ 1:30 pm in Lyndhurst Municipal Court for the two individuals who were charged in the YouTube steelhead netting video. More information will follow as soon as it is available.
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    Good news. Lady Justice does work once in a while!

  3. don't rush to judgment about lady justice.........the case is not disposed of yet. What did the video portray?
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    Two guys having relations with a steelhead trout after they illegally used a landing net to poach it. All of this was video taped by them and placed on YouTube by them, the video has since been yanked from YouTube. There is nothing more damning than video evidence !
  5. While there is nothing more daming than video evidence, I often find that our judiciary does not take "wildlife" matters that serious. In the end, I bet most of us will feel these poachers got off lightly.
  6. Hopefully, they will get more than the $10 fine that the walleye poachers in the spring received.
  7. We'll see what happens. WKYC informs me they will have cameras in the courtroom for the hearing.
  8. Wait a minute. When I see "having relations"...I think of something worse than poaching.

    Did those guys really engage in coitus with a fish?
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    I didn't see any coitus going on (probably on the pay-per-view edition of the video) but there was definitely some kissin' going on and you know what that leads to !:D
  10. nothing. at least in my house anyway. :p
  11. someone from our site put the video back up on youtube without sound.

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    ****ing b****es!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: those guys really tee me off! don't let me catch some poachers round here now!!!

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  13. I wish the version with sound was still availible, that was one of the strangest, most idiodic things I have ever saw & their commentary was priceless. Very glad to see this is going to court, was wondering what ever happened with this.

    My understanding was one of the fellas is a doctor, hopefully enough of his patients saw the vidio and are aware of the trial that it hurts his pocketbook.

    Bad enough to have someone poaching a great resource like steelhead - just plain disgusting to see them prancing around & laughing about it.
  14. I watched the video ...
    The poaching is illegal and hope they actually get more than a slap on the wrist ...I have to admit though that the level of stupidity in the video makes me want to slap all of them. Whats with the stethoscope, wine, talking fish and the Notre Dame jackets....Moron poachers with bad football taste.