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Steelhead in the tribs!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by saintmathew, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Steelhead have worked their way into Ohio tribs. Just really came in this weekend. Mostly hitting on jig and maggot pattern if anything, but we need rain. Still slow, but they are in there. Need Rain! Be back down the Rocky Sunday. See you if you are there.

  2. Was a VERY good day at the Rocky for a lot of people! Lots of guys were landing big Chromers! I kept this one only because I bled him real bad, male, 29 inches!! Caught him on my fav. color, works all the time!

    The only downfall is the stress you have to put up with fishing in a sardine can. I think I am done fishing near Emerald Necklace Marina. It's like a boxing ring! I'll stick to my holes, have fun, and stay away from people. I did meet a super nice guy and his family today, who were really cool! See you guys around. The fever is on!


  3. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    both are nice fish, especially the coho. how long was it?
  4. The Latest Rocky Report

    Stick near the Marina and fish deep for any luck at all. They are stacked up in a certain spots fairly thick, but hitting slow. I posted on Archman's thread to PM me for a specific spot where me and my buddies limited out, but it's no big deal. I just don't want to piss people off who are regularly fishing there. They are scattered in other places. Have not been anywhere else yet. Plan to stick at the Rock until into winter. Don't worry about wading too much. Fish the Marina in ceratin spots or PM me. I don't know it all, but this certain hole has been harvesting some nice ones. They are hitting on mostly all black jigs with silver streamers or all black with gold, Maribou style. Tip your hook with about 8 maggots. Fish deep. When the rain comes, everything will change and they will be hot everywhere. try to release quite a bit, if you can. Lots of fish were being kept this weekend! That Steel pictured is 3 years old and 29 inches. That's a keeper, especially if you bleed them much. They will just die, so be gentle when landing in order to get a good release. Don't let anyone land your fish, but you or a trusted buddy. Lot's of idiots down there who will run to you when they see you fighting a Chromer. Lastly, practice patience and respect down that way. I usually don't fish there, but I had the fever. Test your luck in certain fords and holes upstream and try not to get into anyone's way. Use common sense and use advice from other anglers. Wisdom is key, but fun is more, so have lots of it!

    Oh, I am not trying to sound like the "authority" on Rocky fish reports. Be sure to talk to other guys like Dingo, knows the river better than anyone, in my opinion.

    Johnboy11711, I realesed that Coho. Had no tape with me, so I am not sure. Maybe about 24"? But it was fat! Thanx for the compliment, appreciate it! The pic is in my photo gallery.

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    I agree the crowds down near the marina where crazy 4 of us went out on the boat to fish the river (caught none) saw one guy in a boat with one and one guy on the docks with one. I own two boats and I fish from a boat frequently from the Rock and one thing I will say is I sometimes wish odnr or the division of watercraft would visit or drive by sometimes because there are so many people ON the docks, it doesnt help having 20 lines being spread all over the place when you are trying to manouver around in a boat with people everyone. I just want to say to everyone that when there are alot of boats coming in or going out and docking you should stay off the docks seeing you arent allowed to fish from then anyway. I am also a avid river guy after the boats get put away, here is a piece of advice buy a pair of waders and move around the river the way you are suppose to fish the river, what I don't get is why do you want to be in the middle of all those people and boat traffic anyway. I say this to help you catch more fish for one and ease you aggervation that I know you have stay away from people and boats and you will have more hook-ups. Keep it clean down there too I see trash talking and regular trash everywhere. ODNR isnt going to enforce so let's do it our selves and remind each other of the great resource we are given.
  6. My Opinion on Fishing Etiquette on the Rocky

    First of all, I know guys fish from the docks, but it is illegal to fish from them or to tresspass on any private property. There are signs that display clearly "no fishing" and there are reasons why they are there. Don't follow what others do. I am not trying to be bossy, but a lot of us know the rangers and dnr who frequent the area. No one is allowed on the docks and besides that, people pay for those spaces for thier BOATS, not to hold people! I got bitched at buy a guy for wading down near the boat ramp and not sitting on the docks. He punked on me and used a four letter word. I was in the water, casting into a rip I frequent. They came along after I did and hauled buckets and tackle boxes, pissed the Browns lost and drunk as heck. All the guys coming in with thier boats were throwing a fit and I could tell this one guy was pretty pissed because these two fellows were just sitting on the end and would not move, the same guys who talked crap to me.
    ANYHOW! It's fishing and I don't get this.... I left right after I landed that buck and some foreign guys begged me for my fish! They only wanted to say, "Honey, look what I caught!" Not trying to be racist, but watch out for these guys. Respect them, but they harvest beyond thier limits. If you see that or anyone snagging call 1-800-POACHER. Try other places on the river and have fun!

    Keep it cool guys! It's all fun until someone loses an eye!

    Hey, K, were you the guy who landed that massive chromer on the spoon. I saw a few boats scooting around. Tried to keep my line out of the way. Hope to see you again.


  7. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Bit by Musky bug

    I didn''t catch a fish yesterday nor did anyone else on the boat, We where in a white 19 foot Starcraft Fishmaster with a 115 Mariner and a Mercury Kicker, 4 of us. We fished up river most of the time we where only by the docks when we came in and went out. We where the second boat in the water in the morning. There where some cool people down there though "not all" but they should still respect boaters and move or get out of the way. Most boats upriver where just anchored to a wall or bridge barge or whatever they could, I only saw one fish caught up river tons of fish rolling,the other was caught off the ramp docks on a frozen minnow.he left at 8:00 when people started to come in.
  8. Go to this updated link for some helpful info. I will keep this thread updated with my foolish reports and opinions. Feel free to leave yours. Make sure you guys make it out to KSU FLASH'S Steelhead outing! See the K.I.S.S. thread. It's going to be tons of fun for experts and newbies. Everyone is welcome. There will be guys there to show some of the ropes and other fun stuff. Check it out!
  9. freyedknot

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    funny about that river guys on the west side cast to the east side and guys on the east side cast to the west.i was trying to troll it one year and they were about to start throwing rocks at me..
  10. RONK and I are headed up the mouth and to some specific hole that have been hot on his red 16' Lund. If anyone wants to look for us we will be fishing out the mouth to see what's hot and what's not. See, you guys. Respect and have fun. Will post pics and reports if any Thursday.

  11. What does this mean?

  12. Sorry, I corrected myself. I am an idiot, durrr.... Makes you smile does'nt it? PM me if you have anymore questions like that.

  13. It sounds to me like the fish was lost before it was landed, so I don't know how a picture was taken of it. Usually when I correct my posts it's due to a spelling error, not an error in the actual story.
  14. Rather than just show someone locations, he'll explain things to help you find your own honey holes. Trends, tendencies, what to look for, etc..

    I fished Oak Orchard NY for Salmon this weekend. You wanna talk about a mad house! I used some things I've read and been told and found my own spot. Hooked 5 the first day (landed 2, but both were tail hooked)

    Moved to Olcott on the last day. Walked A LONG way looking for gravel. Found a nice gravel bar and landed 4 in 30 minutes. Invited my buddies and they caught 6.

    Just staing the above to prove the point about finding your own holes (and to brag just a little ;) )
  15. We are all looking for the Steelhead in any N.E. Ohio tribs. Please leave your reports. I only leave mine on the Rocky because it's where I mainly fish. There are many more who know the river better than I do. Search out those people too and hopefully they will keep you updated as time allows. We just need RAIN, that is the biggest factors. In certain places, the fish are stacked up at the mouths. In others, it is just very slow. It's more of less of scouting around. You may want to check out the long wall at Fairport. If you have a boat, fish the breakwalls. Check out Painsville dam. Many fish are working thier way through upstream in deeper waters and fords. They are upstream too, but you best bet is fishing at the mouths. The mouth of the Rocky is pulling some big fish still so far. Well, waiting to here from you.

  16. I wouldn't exactly say they are stacked up at the mouths, at least as of Saturday. It's been very slow at the mouths so far. I think this cold front and rain should bring them in.
  17. There is a 70% chance of rain tonight in some place, but like we have seen, the whether man has been talking out of his but. Check the whether stats on the OGF frontpage or go to for the latest.

    Check the below link for daily streamflow conditions in Ohio

    Here you can access maps of several rivers where Steelhead are being caught, very neatly layed out the guys at Check out this link.

    In certain places, I have been hearing that the fish are "stacked up" at the mouths or ceratin tribs. I did hear one report of a "stack up" at Painsville Dam. I try to report what I hear. It may not be true, so check out things for yourself. I have not been anywhere but the Rocky for the past few weeks. I have gotten a few in different spots from the Marina, all the way up past the nature center. It's a matter of the rain,to tell you the truth. When the levels in the rivers rise, the fish will scatter and the heat will be on!

    Archman is right about the cold front bringing most of them in. Flooding in certain tribs did it too, but it's mainly the cold. Arch know a lot of the eastern spots where the Steelie are hitting and fishes Fairport quite often. The K.I.S.S. event is being held there. Check out the thread.

    There is no specific time they have been hitting. The evening, for me, has been pretty good, but none of the fishing has been REAL hot down at the Rock. Most guys have been sitting there all day and maybe get thier limit. There is also no real specific bait they have been chasing, a few guys have thier favs like me (jig and maggot), so you try what you think. I have found that an all black Maribou style jig w/silver streamers works real great. You can get this jig at L&D Bait and Tackle on Detroit Rd. in Lakewood. Pete has a huge selection of jig, spoons, lures, and live bait. He also does great taxidermy work! The address is:

    L&D Bait and Tackle
    18508 Detroit Avenue
    Lakewood OH 44107
    (216) 226-3474

    On the east side visit:

    Grand River Tackle Shop
    1250 HIGH STREET

    Well, anyone have any reports on the Chagrin and Grand? What about Vermillion? Anyone find a certain bait or lure is working good? Let us know. Going out tonight with RONK. Report back then.

  18. Dingo


    Was in the vicinity of the rocky river marina this afternoon, so stopped by to see what was happening. North winds are pushing muddy water from the dredging at the mouth upstream into the marina area. Poor visibility until you get upstream from the marina. Only four guys fishing in the marina area. Didn't see any caught or rolling in an hour or so. Water upstream is extremely low and clear. Both major fords were empty at 3:00pm.

    Good luck.
  19. Hi all,

    I fished wildwood and the long breakwall at Fairport from sun-up to noon Tuesday morning. We casted all kinds of artificials, e.g. spoons, spinners, crankbaits, but were skunked. Not even a hit. We saw at least 12-15 other anglers, all of whom appeared to be skunked as well. The water in the rivers and the lake is quite low. Let's hope the rain and cold weather sparks a run.

  20. Two guys were casting spoons and left with a few, but then the rain came down hard and we were stuck under the Detroit Rd. bridge. We casted for a few hours and nothing, but the rain is what we needed, so I don't feel bad. The fish are there. And we will be there to catch them. Working my way upstream to test out my best spots wading for the fall OCBS Tourney. Need to relax and dry off and get my new fly rod set up.

    RONk and I had a great time getting to know each other and I did catch a Goby! He is swell guy and I thank him for his hospitality and the use of his nice Lund. Great guy you all should fish with some time. Have fun up at Atwood Ron! Was fun and wet, but fun. Thanks for the beer!