steelhead in mid october

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  1. A friend and i are coming up in october from the 14-21. We are planning on staying in vermilion and fishing there as well. from what i am reading the V doesnt look good then. we would like to stay in vermilion since we can stay for free with family and we are on a tight budget. could anyone tell me some better streams and how far from vermilion they would be?
  2. the rocky would be your best bet. its about a 30 mile drive I think.

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    The vermilion will have fish in it. I'm sure it does now. Vermilion or Rocky will be good and close by.
  4. The Vermilion River has steelies in it right now but until we get a big rain they will remain in the lower sections of the river. There are opportunities for catching them on the Vermilion at this time but if you wanna have better "number" days you need to fish either the Rocky, Chagrin or Grand during this time period. I've also heard that the Fairport pier is giving up some steelies in decent numbers. Guys are casting spoons (Little Cleos) to catch them. Good Luck and let us know how you do.