Steelhead for the first time

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  1. I am going up to the grand river to catch some steelheads. I will post some pictures if I catch anything. I have been reading everyones postings and I feel like I should have a story to post.
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    gotta love that confidence. good luck:D

  3. Only had one catch(about 5-6lbs), I think the fish were spooked from all the people coming over to the Grand River since the Rocky River is low. I will admit that this was the hardest kind of fishing I have ever done. Understanding the different techniques and battling the weather was very challenging, but I LOVED it and I can't wait to do it again!!! Here is my pic

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  4. Congrats on you first steelhead how was the water in the grand was it up or about normal.
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    nice, now your hooked
  6. It was my first time up there, so for me to say if the water was normal or not I would not be the person to ask. I can say that it was deep in some areas I had hip huggers on and I was fishing in waters up to my thighs and I wasn't even in the deep spots.
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    so thats how its done? just say to yourself "im going to catch steelhead" and you do:p lol. nice job. keep at em:D
  8. I always try to have a possitive attitude and it seems to work. Sometimes I catch stuff other times I don't. I felt that I would have a good chance catching one with all I have been hearing about with people I went fishing with. Last week they told me they weren't fishing for more than 5 minutes and they both landed some.
    I really enjoy this sport and there is so much to learn... next year I hope to be good enough to get into some tournies. But, the only problem is I do not have a boat yet.. I hope to get one after the holidays.
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    I went up to grand river ,me and a friend. And we caught some steelheads. Was our first time and we had a blast.
    We got lucky and found a little honey hole.
    Cant wait to go back.
    I caught 1 10 pounder. We took pics and everything because i knew my wife and friends werent goonna belive us.:D [​IMG]
  10. Congrats, on the fish! What were you using to catch them? I cant wait to get back out there. I am planning to go in the next few weeks. I hear the colder it is the better they bite!!!
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    I'm meaning to "catch" some steelhead- not to be misconstrued as "going for" or even "trying"- You're right Bro- Catch or catch not,There is no try.

    And with a positive attitude like that- You're welcome to join the legion of Kayak fisherman. That'll solve that pesky boat problem without adding a nagging trailer problem.
  12. Where do you guys meet? and what exactly is it?