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  1. This season is going to be my first going for steel. I was wondering what you guys would recommend as well as flies. From what I've read, wooly buggers and sucker spawn is a good bet. Anything else?
    Also looking for a good 7 or 8wt combo. Preferably in the 100-130 range. Any suggestions on that as well?
  2. hmm....right now Orvis is still having their big sale. Check the website or call Dan at Chagrin River Outfitters to see if he has any of the Clearwater rods left. 440-247-7110
    Also...woolly buggers in black, white, olive, pink.
    Sucker spawn in assorted colors
    Crystal Meth in assorted colors (similar to sucker spawn...interchangeable with SS. It depends upon what you prefer)
    Nymphs. Particularly Stonefly imitations.
    -That should give you a start.
    Also early you can try clousers, deceivers, and zonker minnows.
    ESPECIALLY OLIVE (emerald shiner patterns!)


  3. Thanks for the help. They have some left at some pretty nice discounts. Will have to place an order on friday. What would you guys say in terms of how many pieces. I have seen 2 and 4 piece assortments. As far as storage, 2 piece is no problem. I have heard however, that the ferrule placement on 4 piece rods can sometimes be a benefit over the ferrule on a 2 piece. What are your guys opinions?
  4. I would definitely get a 4 piece! MUCH EASIER to put in the car without breaking a tip! I with my rods are 4 piece, but they are both 2 piece. Also if you ever hike in to an area to fish, having the rod in a backpack can be nice. you can always store it as a 2 piece, too!

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    I got a 2 piece and jeep is right. I wish i had a 3 or 4 piece instead like my 6 wt 3 piece but i got a rod case for protection for the 2 piece cabelas and it still fits in a car but is awkward. not in a trunk tho, in a back seat.