Steelhead Fishing Low and Clear

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  1. Went out today In search of new water , first I stoped at Grand River Bait , for some fly tying stuff ,( really nice people) then off to do some scouting , ended up fishing a well know local access spot that the locals use , there was 6 guys fishing there so I headed down stream from them about four bends ( again it was hotter than hell ) but the walk was worth it ended up finding a nice little shaded spot about 3' deep that had some moving water it was only about 20 ' feet long but thats where the fish were , tried out the noodle rod and the siglon f , I got to say I really like that line , it rides on top of the water better and it makes mending your line alot easier than regular mono.. HAD to use 4# flouro today , fish are really line shy and split shot shy today ...PRESENTATION was the key today . hooked 13 landed 10
    SMALL nymphs size #18 worked VERY well today ....Man do we need rain !!!!
    It does look like we will be getting some much needed rain soon
  2. Awsome looking fish man. You better lay off em so there are some left for me!;)

  3. asking in another thread about local steelies. Hate to ask this but was that "local hotspot" on the Grand? I usually try the Chagrin but been wanting to give the Grand a go!
  4. No I did not fish the Grand River, but there are fish in it in the lower stretches , I will be fishing it as soon as the water levels come up I want to use my Water Skeeter Ponntoon, does anyone else on here have a ponntoon boat ? always looking for someone to hookup with to do a ponntoon trip with , great way to spend a day !!!! and cover alot of water
  5. congrats on another good day. I'm surprised the fish have so much color already. Maybe I need to add some of those SMALL (tiny) flies to my box. I would have thought you would have problems keeping the fish hooked on flies that small.

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    With that much color they are probably Pennsylvania's fall run fish in the Conny or a creek near the border.
    Tried sight fishing for steelies before but it became boring real fast. Did not care for it at all. It is much more fun drifting through a hole that you can't see bottom in and having your float disappear all of a sudden, setting the hook, and having the water explode with an airborn steelie.
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    Fish on, I think what Chuckie was asking was Where were you fishing? Which tributary?
  8. I don't know that it matters too much which stream he is fishing. Guessing by the numbers Fish On is catching, there should be fish in all of the rivers. More than where he is fishing, I think his technique in the low, clear water is the important thing.

  9. Joel,
    That was some great sound advice. Sometimes if you look around in the post you can gain alot of information. Technique here is more important than location.
  10. 41° 34' 22"N, 81° 35' 16"W (WGS84/NAD83) .... Sorry could not resist!
  11. jees fish on how do u manage to finds such good u fly fish or use a spinning rod with the nymphs. also how do u fly fisher man fish the flys i managed to make some but i dont know if i should let it flow down streeam or twitch it back
  12. I have fished my flies on my fly rod , spinning / noodle rod , and my centerpin
    but I prefer to fish to fish them on my fly rod , I get a better drift with my fly rod , as for how do I fish my flies , I usally dead drift them and use a strike indicator but If I have a streamer on I my strip It in
    Hope that helps you out