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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by rweis, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. I figure that most Steelie etiquette is the same as all fishing etiquette, but 2 questions.

    Other than a somewhat loud "Boogers!" when I lose a fish, I sometimes do get excited about having a fish on. I have been known to do some "Yippies" and some laughter. Is positive noise frowned upon? Do I need to act like I've been there before? I always feel like an 8-year old when I'm fishing.

    You get a fish on in an area where there are other fisherman and it runs right through their space. Add on the fact that now you have to chase it through their space. What is the correct behavior? Personally, if I see a guy hook up and the fish starts to come my way, I get out of his way and let him try to land it or go by me. Thanks.
  2. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    You are having fun and enjoying what you are doing. Go ahead and make some noise.

    Those fish are hard to control some times. I will give some one room to land their fish if it heads my way. If I have one on that heads towards another fisherman, I will let him know that it is coming his way. After I land the fish, I will usually give a quick "sorry" but most guys do not mind.

  3. Anyone that has caught a steelie knows that they are unpredictable. If someone hooks up near me I quickly reel in until they land the fish, or change the direction of my casts for the moment.
    There is nothing wrong with saying "fish-on!" or any other excitement, if someone has a problem with that then they are a grinch. Maybe if you are on a small creek where people are fishing on their knees and whispering it may be a bad idea, especially if you want to catch another one.
    But belligerence and hollering obscenities when someone loses a fish or gets snagged is uncalled for. Nothing like a relaxing day on the river with some moron chiming f-bombs in your ear.
    All of this is just my humble opinion, I'm only 17; I'm sure there are a million other views on this subject.
  4. zachtrouter

    zachtrouter FISHAHOLIC

    If your fish is going towards somebodys hole or "spot" there is nothing you can do but apologize for it after the fish is landed. Most guys on the rivers/tribs know to reel in and let the fellow fisherman do his/her thing until the fish is landed. If they dont understand why you had to do that to land the fish screw em'. It can be very hard to control a steelie when its first hooked. If you feel the need to let out a hoot or scream then do so. They might look at you weird for a second but who the hell cares.
  5. Wannabitawerm

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    If you get a big steelie, TEAR IT UP! Whoop, holler, have a blast. That's what it is all about. If there are 20 guys, and you've got the fish on, the river is yours until you land it. Most of us understand.
  6. Some steelheaders take themselves way too seriously! Fishing's all about having fun. If you wanna hoot and hollar go right ahead. I sure get all excited inside everytime I hook into a silver bullet, and if my fish makes an impressive leap or does some fancy tail dancing than I may let a little hoot or hollar. If you don't get excited about having a steelie going berzerk on the end of your line than what are you even doing fishing???

    Most people on the river know that these fish go nuts and are totaly unpredictable when hooked (that's what draws us to them) and will make sure to stay out of your way while you have a fish on. If I see the fish I have hooked heading towards someone or their line/rig I'll call out something along the lines of "look out, fish comin at ya!", and I've never really had any problems.

  7. Well said! I dont mind someone getting excited when they land a fish, or people walking by me while im fishing shooting the breeze and having a good time. Like lucky1 said though the swearing and negative demeanor of some is a mood killer when your having a good time. I hope the guy that i saw the other day reads this thread so he knows that his behavior was unacceptable and hopefully won't do it again and ruin someone elses day!!
  8. Its all about fun so laugh and carry on as you see fit. I think the most important thing to do when you hook up , to insure everyone around you can continue to fish ,is take the fish DOWNSTREAM!!!!! you can gain much more control over them and get out of the way of other fisherman in the process.
  9. Fishaholic69

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    these all sound like decent things to do when fishing to me. I caught one steelie on a spin rod once and got a lil loud for a few but I wasn't expecting the power of the steel! sorry older guys but sometimes I use expletives in every sentence so if I catch one or snag something I might say something bad either way. I might not even be casting with some kinda rubbish coming out my pie hole lol. I might say something normal to my buddies that has a few cusswords in between. sorry guys no disrespect. I got a potty mouth.... I try to bite my toungue but its just part of my vocab. haha..
  10. slinker is right head downstream. give the person in your path the sorry dude as you pass. land your fish and on your way back say thanks. the golden rule works on the river too. most people enjoy watching a good fight. you vs. the fish that is
  11. We all do it once in a while. But SCREAMING the f-word at a tree just because YOU made a bad cast, or at a brush pile because YOU set your float too deep is annoying. I hate hearing the echo's of some guys lack of finesse bounce off the cliffs.
  12. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    ya I never done that now I might scream the f-word if I had a monster of my life on and it snapped off. if I get a snag I just try to get it out and if not pop the line and retie. you say you are 17 right? what school do you go to that you don't hear the f-bomb every few seconds out of kids mouths? sure isn't lorain city schools haha.
  13. Again i am with lucky1 on this one. The tree did not fall on you, you casted to the tree don't yell at the tree hahaha. Well Fishaholic i am sorry that you have a potty mouth and can't put together a sentance without swearing and thinking that this is a normal practice for anyone in school grades. All anyone really expects out of a fellow angler is respect for the waters! Maybe now that some have voiced their displeasures the others may try and fix it.
  14. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    hey jumpin that couldn't of been us you are talking about on the other thread. we never seen a fly fishermen out there or else I would of been talking to him about fly fishing. all we seen were spincasters. I don't think its normal to cuss alot but I do swear. but kids are bad these days. I been out of school for 8 years or so and still kids had bad mouths when i was there. sorry guys. guess you can call me mr "potty mouth" but if kids are around I don't cuss or anything. sorry guys for my language. ;)
  15. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    whoops posted twice..
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