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steelhead early????????

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by steelheadBob, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    Talked to a friend of mine and said he was trolling a mile 1/2 out of fairport harbor and was picking up steelhead!!!! Man, my mouth is starting to slobber, soon gentlemen,soon!!!!!!!!!

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    You just made my night steelheadbob!!!!!!!!!


  3. I check this sight a lot for any intersting posts and seeing this brought flashes to my mind, because I can't wait for steelhead season. It only seems to get better every year for me.
  4. Hey all-

    been readin fish erie site and a few others up there in PA....

    pods of silver bullets are moving in after midnight, then heading back out
    of streams/rivers by daybreak.

    9 hooked the other day on Elk.

    Point being, Ohio is never far behind. My earliest hook-up in the last 12 yrs or so was on Sept. 10 in '96....

    Thanks for the report steelheadBob.

    Temps have been real real cool at night for the last 2 wks or could possibly be a really early start to the stream/river season since they are already picking them up in close by boat...

    good luck....and lube your drags....

  5. Are they throwing spoons at night in PA? I've never had any luck at night with spoons, always taking them on jig and maggots or minnows.
  6. Ya know I don't recall offhand what they were tossin'....I think they one guy was using maribou jig/maggots.....

    my rule of thumb had always been chuck spoons/vibrex spinners early season, then more and more mini foo jig/maggot or plain hook/minnow as it gets colder....

    but I have also noticed in recent years that they will prefer one over the other presentations more and more.....started with jig/maggot really early last year and had 6 or 7 of 'em by 3rd week in Sept. That was my bread and butter last year.

    I know this is a cliche but I think for myself it just depends on the day, so I try when I can to show up with all 3.....jig/maggots; minnows; and hardware....

  7. Which side of Fairport is best to fish from for steelhead? I have only fished on the short wall on the east side, dont even know how to get to the other side. I'm going to be in Lakeside perch fishing the weekend of Sept. 18th and was thinking about driving over to Fairport to try for some steelhead the morning of the 19th. Think there will be any steelies in there yet?
  8. I didn't get any on jig and maggots the last two years until the first couple weeks of October. But then again, I didn't really know what I was doing until around November of last season. I've learned a lot on here, and from trial and error.

    Twistertail, there are pros and cons to the short and long piers, but if you want to catch more fish, I'd go to the long pier. It's a MUCH longer walk, but it's worth it. There's also less guys out there. Once you get out there, you will want to see which side is clearer and fish that side. There's tons of fish on both sides. They put these huge concrete blocks up out there, so it's hard to move around, but it does block the wind if it's pretty windy. As for the short pier, I haven't seen too many people catch fish on the west side. I mainly fish the long pier, so you might want to ask someone else. But when I'm there, most fish have been caught on the east side, usually not too far from the wall. I would say if these reports are right, the steelhead will be in pretty good by Sept 19th. To get to the long pier, just head north on 44 into the Headlands Beach entrance. Park all the way to the right, and just follow the trail out past the lighthouse.
  9. Just so I'm understanding right, fish on the east side of the long wall which would be inside the harbor right? The long walk doesnt bother me a bit the place I used to steelhead fish in MI I would walk about a mile and a half through the woods to get to a good spot on the river. How hard is it to fing the path out to the pier? I plan on getting there around 5:00am so it will still be dark. Any one place better than the other? I have fished from lots of piers and it seems like the farther out you get the better. Thanks for all the help. I plan on casting spoons, is there something else that I should consider?
  10. You're right, the harbor side is the east side of both piers. I think there are lights in the parking lot, but I'm not sure. The path shouldn't be too hard to find. Just go as far as you can to the east in the park, and follow the sand path. You'll then end up on the beach, and just get on the rocks and walk out to the lighthouse. At this point, I would recommend a flashlight at least. The further out you go is usually the better, but it just depends on the day. Just don't stop at the lighthouse, go all the way out as far as you can go. It usually takes me a good 25 minutes to get all the way out there.

    When they first come in, you're better off with spoons. My favorite one is a watermelon and gold colored Little Cleo. Blue/Silver works well for me, too. Guys use shad raps, and lures like that, too. You might want to take another rod and use jig and maggots on that one as you throw never know.

    Oh yeah, make sure you have a LONG net. Usually there are guys out there with a net, but the way the boulders are set up, it's a lot of work just to move from one side to the other at you might not get any help.
  11. Thanks. How do you rig the jig and maggots, and by maggots are you talking about wax worms? Do you us a bobber? I have a net that extends to 8 feet, is that long enough?
  12. Maggots or wax worms will work, but from my experience, maggots are better. Use a small bobber, and put the maggots on one of those mini foo jigs, or something like it. I usually fish it about 3 1/2-4 feet deep out there. Your net is definitely big enough.
  13. Thanks for all the info man, cant wait. I'll let you know how I do.
  14. Dingo


    "Steelhead jigs" are available at most tackle shops in the lake erie area for around a buck a piece (or a bit more), but this year I ran across a deal that I couldn't pass up. Bass Pro in Cinci has packs of a dozen jigs in the fly dept for 2.99 a pack. Much cheaper than the prices near the lakefront. Add a bit of fly paint for some custom touches (like a splash of red to the white jigs) and a strand of polar flash or two, and you will have jigs at a price where you don't feel as bad when you lose 'em.

    Make sure that you tip the jig with a few maggots and change color and size frequently when a color doesn't produce. I have had days where they key into a specific color, and other days where a change in color is necessary for a bite. Fish 'em at varying depths under a weighted float, just like you would in the river.
  15. Dingo, I found the website for Bass Pro in Cinci, but I couldn't find the jig you're talking about. What exactly is it called? Thanks.
  16. Dingo


    White river fly shop (their brand) - prolite jigs - 1/64th and 1/80th oz - 12 pak. Same as the ones sold at D&W / L&D / etc, but all one color. Don't know if they're available thru the web. I stumbled across them when getting some fly fishing stuff.
  17. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    green and silver cleos work also and inline spiners pink and white sometimes if you dont get any out at the end of the wall work back in 1/4 to 1/2 way and you can pick up fish their some times that works on the river side..............jim
  18. That looks like the road. Actually I think there are two roads that led to the fisherman's parking lot (lot #1). There is a second road to get to lot #1 when the main road is gated off after hours (I think).

    Just find lot #1 (the eastern most parking lot). Park as far north as you can then look for an information sign north of the parking lot. There is a trail that heads east from the information sign before turning north. That path will take you to the breakwall if I remember correctly. There's another path that leds due north from the info sign but that path just leds to the dunes.

    You can find the park map here

    The map is small and turned side-ways but if you save the .gif file to your computer and view it with decent picture viewing soft-ware it will show you where to park and which trail to take.

    Honestly, it's pretty easy to find your way to the breakwall. I found it easily and I'm pretty good at getting lost :)

  19. Thanks for all the help guys. looks like I shouldnt have a problem getting there, just a little worried since I have never been there and will be arriving in the dark. I will be there 2 weeks from this weekend, hope its not too early! Thanks again for all the help.