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    need some help. i hope to get back into steelhead fishing this year seriously. i will be using spinning gear to start with (my 5wt sage is a little light). can anyone recommend book titles on steelhead fishing? would like more info on techniques, tackle and presentations. thanks for any help..
  2. John Nagy's "Steelhead Guide" is the best I've read. Higly recommended.

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    goby, is this strictly fly-fishing or does it cover all aspects of steelhead fishing.
  4. It's not as much a fly fishing book as it is a river fishing book. Although John is a fly fisherman, he talks about reading water, holding patterns and fish behavior. All you have to do is apply whatever technique you choose.
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    I would agree that reading water is the usually the most important thing when trying to catch these fish. Once you learn that part it becomes kinda easy to consistently catch fish. Good luck!
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    thanks friends, appreciate the help.
  7. The best book for steelheading is the water itself. This is the time of year (low, warm water) to head to the closest steelhead stream (the one you will fish the most) and learn it. Presentation is key, but can be picked up pretty quickly. Knowing where these fish hang out is 80% or more of the battle, and can be the difference between a skunk a few fish.

    Get out with an experienced steelie guy early in the season and you will get more (and direct) info than you can find in a book.
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    ordered nagy's steelhead guide, lake erie, 4th edition that is coming out. hope this is the right one.