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Steelhead Bob Sighting

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by ngski, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Was in Gander Mtn. in Solon and who did I see on the board Steelhead Bob. Ya know Bob you should smile once in awhile for a picture. The steelhead had a bigger smile then you hahahaha just kidding.

    Great plug for the forum board, just courious what's the guiding fee for a half day fly fishing ???
  2. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    Im going to have to get back to you on that..... Im trying to get a web site up.... Have to talk to ShakeDown and get some ideals... As soon as i figure out the kinks, ill let you know..

  3. I can help you with your website, designed and and currently working on a third restaurant site. Be happy to give ya some advice in trade for some fishing holes.

    Looking for a webhosting service, I suggest they have a small set up fee, but you just pay a yearly fee of $35. Just renew your domain website name with them yearly and that's all they charge. My site been with them for a couple of years and they have trouble free.
  4. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    Dude i would love the help...Im trying to figure out everything i need and photo gallery. Im waiting on some little cottages on the rivers i fish about setting up accounts with them and all the eyes dotted and t's crossed forms!
    So how do we get started????????
  5. Send me a PM and I'll give ya a cell number and we can talk about what you want out of the website. I'll be fishing this weekend call me anytime during the week.