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Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Cheez, Nov 11, 2008.

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    I have never fished for steelhead before, but want to try it. I don't have much experience with river fishing, but am an experienced lake angler and surf fisherman. Can anyone give me some tips, how to get started, what gear I might need (or can get by with for now)? I live in Canton, making the drive to go fishing is no problem. Also, are there any opportunities for canoe fishing for steelies? Any help would be appreciated guys. Thanks!
  2. i mostly fish chagrin. been to grand a few times. all you need is a rod, preferable longer and softer(i'd say at least 8ft), with a good reel, spooled with 6-8lb line, some weight to get bait down, and a float. for bait you can use many things: jig&maggot, flies, spawn sacs, minnows. just make sure you fish along bottom. if you dont like float fishing, casting a spoon or inline spinner close to bottom will work, however catch rate is not as high. a canoe is not really necessary because all steelie rivers here are wadable, even worse, a canoe can be a burden when long shallow sections are encountered. from canton your best bet would be rocky river. just check the local flow rates watch for a few days of steady flow and get out there

  3. they are just big stupid trout so keep it simple.
    get a natural presentation around fish holding water (eddies, seams, tailouts, pockets ect.) and if there are fish there they will probably bite if they havnt seen a bazillions idiots yet that day. going small seems to help getting bit and your bait should be right near the bottom.