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steelhead advice

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Reelson, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. This is my first year fly fishing for steelhead, and i could use all the advice I could get. Types of line,flies,best places to fish, anything would be helpful.
  2. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    Just keep trying, search the inernet, and don't give up. Go with someone who is experienced if you can

  3. reelson,
    I'm guessing you are fishing ohio tribs now?
    This time of year egg patterns work well , alot of people are using tandem rigs with the top fly being an egg pattern or suckerspawn, followed by a nymph pattern at 12-18 inches below the top fly.
    I havent caught many steelhead on nymphs but have only tried nymphs for about 2 years now. I did have 2 steelhead on an eggsucking-stonefly pattern at rock river yesterday. You can't go wrong with a crystal meth or sucker spawn pattern now, later in spring wooly buggers work well when the fish get more aggressive w/ warmer water conditions.

    good luck , check out for some good flies
  4. ..give ma call about 7 or so tonight 330-958-1350 I'll help you but as far as the best places .. well you will have to figure that out for your self