Steelers vrs Browns

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  1. This is going to be a slaughter! The Steelers D looked unstoppable yesterday.....Woodley is a MONSTER.....Harrison is a beast.....and look-out for Timmons! The O only needed to play the first half....everything is clicking.

    Did the Browns even field a D yesterday? LOL, Ben...Willie...Ward....Holmes....and Miller are going to have some fun against that D!

    So, it really is not a question of IF the Steelers will beat the Browns, but when will the Steelers scrubs take the field? I say early 3rd quarter......up by 3TDs
  2. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Browns will win by 40!

  3. Oh I love the makes it more fun to rub it in when the Browns actually win the game.
  4. AS a life long Steelers fan I will say that on paper Rooster is right.....on just never know?

    Of course I want to see the Steelers put em down hard - I don't see Edwards playing as bad and I don't see the O line for the Browns collapsing as early in the game.....

    At any rate....LETS GO STEELERS - I'll have my towel out on game day!!!!!
  5. Whaler

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    The Browns theme song ; " Turn out the lights the party's over !"
  6. This is a rivalry!.....Throw EVERYTHING else...stats, records, etc out the door.
    IMHO, the Browns have the talent to play with just about that talent is utilized is my question.
    As is very obvious, I have no use for Crennel, but I WILL root for the browns. We should give the Steelers a good game. Let's at least hope for that.
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    Hey Parmabass, You must have caught a good wiff of some strong chemical or something. You guys are going down. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ParmaBass

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    A Parma resident who is a Steelers fan? You oughta be ashamed of yourself!!
  9. true2plue

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    Yeah...all these Squeeler Fans have no sense of direction!!:p Pittsburgh is about 130 miles southeast. I think all us Browns fans need to pitch some $$$ together and buy them all a compass. They wouldn't be able to figure out how to use a GPS!!:p :p
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    The worst thing that could have happened to the Browns was the record last year. Crennel is a decent coordinator, but not a very good head coach. I think he bought himself a couple of years that we could have had another coach. Can you sat Bill Cower???
  11. I would like to see the Steelers treat them just like the Texans. When these two play anything can happen. The Steelers will WIN tho!!!
  12. I think they call them band wagon jumpers! Browns win this one. One win for Squeelers doesn't make them great and unbeatable. Glad you have a towel to cry in.
  13. BINGO!!....I would LOVE to have Bill Cowher back in Cleveland.....we can dream, can't we?...and who knows what may happen?
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    :confused: ...... when's the last time that happened? Dont bet your money on it.
    And we have a lot of browns fans over here in PA. I always say " Don't let your kids grow up to be browns fans ". Nothing but heartache in that.
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    Hey buddy, blame it on the lady that I met at the unemployment office in 1985, when I moved up here. She said that they loved people from Pittsburgh, because they were good workers. I had a job the next day.
    HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. moondog5814

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    You had better save your money and buy a big bottle of painkillers. You will need them, to put yourself out of your own misery, after Sunday night!
  17. ParmaBass

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  18. I will be honest, now that Brady is done for the season, I feel the Squeelers are the team to beat in the AFC. I am just saying, don't count the Browns out of this one. Someone said before that this is a rivalry and all stats and records are thrown out in cases like this. I believe that whole-heartedly.

    It's just like the OSU/MEATCHICKEN game, you can never count either team out despite who terrible they are doing during the season. Who would have guessed we would have beat MEATCHICKEN Tressel's first year, I know I didn't.
  19. of the MANY pics I see on various websites, i thougt this one said enough and would not get the thread locked.... ;)

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  20. funny how all the tv guys are looking right past the Steelers and at the Jets and Broncos after one week of football. They already have counted out the Pats and there has been little to no mention of the Steelers.

    I know the Texans are not a powerhouse, but really, who did the Jets and Broncos beat....the two worst teams from last year...real impressive!