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Steelers preview

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Rooster, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. QB
    Ben will get a lot of grief this year. It is simply not possible for him to repeat his success of last year. They have already indicated that they will open up the passing game, but I hope that they stick with running the ball 61% of the time.

    Expect to see a lot more passes going to the TEs. Miller should have the starting job after the first few games. This should open up more running lanes as the threat of a pass catching TE will make teams pay for putting 8 men in the box. Kranchick is a LOAD, and even thought he is overshadowed buy Miller, I expect that he will make some big plays this year.

    Staley has been a huge disappointment up to this point. When he can stay on the field, he is a monster, but he is much too fragile to carry the Steelers running game. Bettis has been relegated to the goal line back, and he is perfect in this capacity (too old and slow to carry the full load). Parker could be the future of the running game. He has speed, power, and most importantly vision. It has been a LONG time since the Steelers have had a RB with such big play potential!

    Ward will retire as a Steeler, and that is GREAT news for all Steeler fans! He is a perfect fit for this team, and I expect that he will have another Pro Bowl season. There is a HUGE drop in talent after Ward. El is a competent #3 WR, but I don’t think that he can replace Plax as the #2 guy. Wilson has not shown that he has the ability to spread the field. Quincy Morgan? I would be surprised! Now, look for Nate Washington to get on the field. If he can duplicate what he accomplished in preseason against starters, the Steelers have found their #2 WR! If not, defenses will be able to double ward without paying too much of a price.

    Pass protection is still suspect, but at least Ben is mobile…..LOL
    Run blocking, The strength of the team! They have less depth than last year, but more talent in the starting lineup. If they stay healthy, there is not a team in the NFL that will be able to stop the Steelers from running the ball (regardless who is carrying the ball).

    Simply the best in the NFL. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is going to run on the Steelers this year. Hampton is locked up for a couple more years, and I’m thrilled!

    Solid group. Porter should be back for game one. Farrior and Foote will have big years. Harrison is an emerging star, I just hope that he gets more time on the field. Dick is going to be using these guys a lot more this year, and expect them to get to the QB faster and more often.

    Townsend is a solid coverage guy. Willie Williams needs to retire! The Steelers have Ike and Coke, and they are both ready to start. I hope that one can take Willie’s spot after the first few games.

    Troy just keeps getting better!
  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    The Steelers did sign Morgan..I am surprised.

  3. I disagree,I think Ben will have the same success as last year,look like a million dollars against lesser teams,and like a division III punk against quality teams in big games.Nobody will run on the vaunted Steeler defense? They're shaking in their boots in Foxboro-lol!
  4. Aww cmon Riverwalker , the Steelers are the best team in the NFL. They just can't prove it. Coach " cowboy " and his finely tuned machine will breeze thru the regular season. When it really counts ( like in the playoffs ) those pesky teams that keep eliminating the black and gold ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    Why even us lowly Browns fans may have a chuckle or two this season.
  5. 'Rude Dog

    'Rude Dog 'Tusc River Rat

    They are updating one of the international distress symbols- the international distress signal for choking, and replacing it with steelers logo... P.S. there's a new Sherriff in Cleveland, STILLERS BEWARE !!!!!
  6. At least the Browns will not have to worry about choking this year……..

    You have to get to the playoffs to choke!
  7. You win Rooster , Pittsburgh fannies are the resident experts on c-h-o-k-i-n-g .
  8. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    Ben will be sick again. I got to watch him play in person for the past 3 years, and I think that he didn't come close to showing his full potential last year.
  9. Fishing-Miller23

    Fishing-Miller23 It's Miller Time!

    That's cause he played for the Steelers.
  10. Go to the Jokes forum and read the one titled " browns and steeler fans "

    Feel free to reverse the roles to needle your friends who are browns fans. !%
  11. You guys........cut ROOSTER a break. I thought his post was honest, unbiased, and largely true. You Browns fans are a bitter lot and really into name calling. You've all got fantastic lol

    The Browns would love to make it to the playoffs, to choke or otherwise!

    By the way, good luck this weekend with Cinncy.
  12. davycrockett

    davycrockett Fins Feathers Fur

    A new SHERRIFF in Cleveland???? :confused: Like a new coach (granted he was involved with NE, a team that already had talent) is going to turn the Browns around!!! I suppose under his coaching they will make it to the big one this year.LMAO Dream on Cleveland, you need more than that to be competetive, let alone make it to the playoffs.! As for Ben Browns fans are just P Oed because Pittsburgh got him and he never got a chanch to be crushed behind an inept Off. line in Cleveland!!LOL :D Good luck with Cincy, you're gonna need it.
  13. It always cracks me up to hear Browns fans ripping on Steelers for choking in the playoffs. Are you saying you wouldn't trade in your "bottom of the league" reputation for the run we've had in the past few years? I would much rather be in the position to "choke" in January than have your season be over in October. This totally reminds me of the big fat chick in school who makes fun of the cheerleader types for "dressing like a ho". :)
  14. After the way Belichick and his boys got done making Ben look like a junior high school quarterback,I don't really think you Steeler fans have the run on smack-period.Cowher with all the talent he's had at his disposal over the years has never been able to win the big one,as a matter of fact,his ineptness for being able to adjust to what's working against his team at any given time-amazes me.Pittsburgh's relentless blitzing defense works well against the lower echilon teams,but against a team with equal talent,or better talent-well,we all seen how well that works.As for the smack,run this,everyone in the country knows the Steeler's didn't even deserve to be in the AFC championship game.The Jets clearly outplayed you,the fact that their kicker choked is the only thing that gave you the game-they totally outplayed you,and how did the rookie of the year qb look in that game? From everything I've read so far this year,or seen on sports shows,this kid has a hugely inflated ego.Somebody should probably tell him that he sucked in both playoff games last year,and those are the games that count-not the regular season,which is for padding stats(after you lock up a playoff spot).To me a winner is defined by what he does in the big game,not what he does in a game against an overmatched opponent,in a meaningless game.Case in point-See Brady against the Steeler's in the regular season,see Brady against the Steeler's in the playoff game-case closed.
  15. BTW,Archman,to me personally,I would rather be knocked out of the playoff hunt early and get to concentrate on watching the Steeler's choke,to answer your question.Nothing better than to watch Steeler's fans get their hopes up high,then fall flat on their face,especially ones from Cleveland!
  16. 2004 Steelers 16-2 Browns 4-12

    Yes, the Patriots ARE the best team in the NFL and yes they did have their way with Pittsburgh. They made Ben look like a Rookie, didn't they?

    The Steelers must of played a whole bunch of lower echilon teams in 04, wouldn't you say???

    If the Steelers got knocked out early and the Browns went on, I'd be rooting for them and that's not B___ S___!

    You Browns fans need to get a life and quit being such poor losers.
  17. Doesn't matter if the Steeler's went 15-1,16-0,12-4 or anything else,they never won anything more than the Browns,Bengals,Ravens or anyone else.All second place is,is the highest ranked loser,there's only one winner my friend.Why with such a so-called great team as the Steeler's,do you always compare yourselves with the Browns? Everytime someone says something negative about the Steeler's,it's always a Steeler's fan coming back and cracking the Browns,if you're comparing yourselves to a team that went 4-12 last year to measure your greatness,than I guess nothing more needs to be said.
  18. I guess Steeler fans have no sense of humor. All my posts were in that vane. But since you Ohio Steeler fans take everything verbatim I will refrain from posting in this particular forum.

    Lousy , good , champs or chumps browns will always be my team. Same reason I root for Ohio State. Last time I looked it wasn't Pittsburgh , Ohio. Seemed to me it was Pennsylvania. Guess I better brush up on my geography.

    Wonder how many Michigan fans were born in Columbus ? Wonder how many Massilon fans were born in Canton Mckinley ?
  19. Keep them coming papaperch, I enjoy the smack talk! I understand your point about geography, trust me IF there was a professional football team in the state of Ohio, I would be a fan! LOL

    I’ve been calling for Cowher’s head for a few years now. His post season record is an embarrassment. Having said that, all would be forgiven if he could just win a Super Bowl! I would agree that the only thing that really matters is winning the Super Bowl. However, given the choice, I would much rather watch my team loose a playoff game than to not be in the hunt at all. I think that Steeler’s fans logically compare themselves to the Browns/Bengals/ and Ravens because the are in the same division not because they are equally matched teams (obviously not the case, except for the Ravens).

    As for Ben’s post season play……..he was a rookie QB. Do you think that there is a reason why only 2 other rookie QBs have won play-off games in the history of the NFL? He will become a better QB this year, but his winning percentage will obviously drop. I was not taking anything away from his ability, I just think that too many Steeler’s fans have unrealistic expectations for a 2nd year QB.