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Steelers NT Hampton done for the year

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by pymybob, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. What is everyone's take in this situation. I have to tell you I think its really gonna hurt the D-line a lot. That guy is a beast and an excellent run-stuffer - and I think we really don't have anyone to replace him. I hope I'm wrong with this one because of our great start.
  2. Hampton is a pro-bowler, and his absence will hurt the run D. But, Hoke played very well in preseason, and has played well when filling in for Hampton this year. He also played outstanding in the last few minutes of the Dallas game. Yes I would rather have Hampton in there, but Hoke will play very well (he would start on most NFL teams).
    I’m more concerned about Willie Williams taking over for Scott. Scott was actually playing well this year, OK he was playing well for Chad Scott not a veteran NFL CB. Willie was good 10 years ago, but the Steelers need to play their young guys. I was hoping that Coke would get the starting position and Taylor would be the nickel back. I don’t know what Taylor did to get into Cowher’s doghouse, but I hope that he can get out soon. Both of these young guys are very athletic, and if they play up to their potential the Steeler’s secondary will once again be one of the best in the league.
    The next two games will determine the season, or at least tell us how far this team can go. It is a given that the Steelers will win the division. But, if the Steelers win either of the next two games, they will be able to go deep into the playoffs.