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    Well, since no one else has brought it up, I might as well!
    What do my fellow Steelers fans think of their picks? I was listening on Fox Sports Pittsburgh Monday night and the Steelers writer for the Post Gazette said that the team felt they got 3 #1 draft picks. They had Miller, McFadden, and Essex all on their top 30 board, and to land all of those players was great. Plus, I though that Freddie Gibson out of Georgia was a great pick, and that Noah Herron from Northwestern was a heck of a back. They got what they needed right off the top (another offensive weapon, a decent corner) and then drafted for depth after that. Now it comes time for the mini-camps, where the truth will be told (except from Miller, who will still be recovering from the hernia).
    Has anyone heard any rumblings about the Steelers signing Law? There was a rumor they were working, but I haven’t heard much lately.
    Looks like another great year in 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!!!
    Anyone have tickets they are looking to sell? PM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  2. Law visited with the Steelers. However, he will want a LOT of cash, and is still in a cast. I would love to see a healthy Law in black and gold, but I don’t think that it will happen. I would LOVE to see him take over for Hope at FS!

    Heath Miller:
    IF he gets healthy, and IF the Steelers throw to the TE he will have be the steel of the first round at pick #30. Great hands, great team player, great attitude. A huge improvement at TE. Big Ben to Big Money for another TD!

    I really did not know anything about him before the draft. However, I have read some good things! He only allowed two TD last year against strong competition. He did not get many picks because QB’s did not throw to his side. So, he might not be a ballhawk, but MIGHT be the shutdown corner that the Steelers need.

    Who? I have no idea, but if Grimm wanted him, he should be good in a few years.

    I was SCREAMING for the Steelers to get a tall WR in the 3rd, but was thrilled when they got him in the 4th. Gibson has a lot of potential, and could immediately help us forget about the loss of Plax. Zero or Hero with nothing in between.

    Rian Wallace:
    Project LB…..the Steelers don’t draft LB’s, they draft meat to build into LB’s. If he makes the team, he should be ready in a few years.

    My new favorite Steeler! I just hope that he makes the team. OG with a NASTY attitude. Was suspended twice for kicking defenders in the face. After seeing pics of this guy, I'm pretty sure that he is a cannibal.

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    Obviously he will not be working and Youth Days soon! Wow, he looks likes he's crazy! Kicking defenders- now that's what I call an attitude!!!!!!!

    Plus, he fits it well. Kimo von Oelhoffen, Chidi Iwuoma, Troy Polamalu, Antwaan Randle El, Ben Roethlisberger, the departed Chris Fuamatu-Maifala, and now Chris Kemoeatu. As Boomer said last year, we now have the All- Scrabble Team when you consider last names.
  4. who really cares??????? :confused: :D :D :D
  5. As Bellichek said it's easier to tone a guy down than to get him keyed up. 'Tude is good on the O Line, but I'd hope the boy can learn to tone it down a few notches. Kicking defenders in the face is likely to only get him a few suspentions and a medical settlement when someone take out a knee. This ain't the 70's NFL anymore. We're now in the PC NFL geared up for "family entertainment." I can almost hear the growning now when a 15 yard personal foul wipes out a good play. Can anyone say Zues??? I'm sure the Ravens loved his "mean streak" when he single handedly cost them big play after big play during a 4th quarter run in an important game (that they eventually lost) against the Titans with personal fouls. Mean streaks are good, but loose cannons cost you games.
  6. Who really cares?

    The LARGE number of PROUD Steeler’s fans that are members of this site! People in Ohio deserve a real football team! Go Steelers!
  7. I think just drafting Miller made it a good draft for the steelers, I think that the Bengals Browns and Steelers had very good drafts. That doesnt happen very often, normally the browns do horrible (just look at all there bust) The Bengals are normally not the greastest either but its better now with marvin lewis.
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    In my personal opinion, this would be an outstanding signing. ;)

    From the Steelers website:

    Chad Brown was in Pittsburgh on Wednesday to visit with Steelers officials and it wasn’t just a walk down memory lane.

    Brown, the Steelers second-round draft choice in 1993, played four seasons with the team before departing for the Seattle Seahawks as an unrestricted free agent. Brown spent eight years with the Seahawks, but is now a free agent again.

    He ran into defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, he was his coordinator during his last stint with the Steelers, at an off-season event and indicated he would like the chance to come back to Pittsburgh.

    “My interest is very high,” said Brown, who indicated he wouldn’t be visiting if it weren’t serious. “It’s tough to replicate the Steelers experience anywhere else. This is a very special place to play football and to come full circle and end my career here would be awesome.”

    Brown started 156 of the 163 games he has played in his NFL career, but he knows that if he came to the Steelers he could be asked to be a role player. After 12 seasons playing, he would be comfortable with his career heading in that direction.

    “I’m willing to be a role player in certain situations,” said Brown. “I think I can definitely bring something to this team off the field as well as on the field. But I need to meet with Coach Cowher and those guys and discuss exactly what role they’d have for me, if the interest is there on both sides.”

    If Brown returned to the Steelers he would provide a strong-pass rushing threat. He had 30 sacks while with the Steelers, including 13 in 1996, and 78 in his career.

    “I do consider myself a pass rusher, but everybody needs opportunities,” said Brown. “So obviously the more opportunities you get the more sacks you can get. I would like to have the opportunity to rush the quarterback. I think I can help the team that way.”

    Brown enjoyed plenty of success while playing with the Steelers, starting in Super Bowl XXX against the Dallas Cowboys and enjoying a lot of post-season success. He thinks that experience, and his experiences throughout his playing career, are a positive he could bring to the team.

    “I played in the Super Bowl for the Pittsburgh Steelers,” said Brown, who would like to have his future decided within a week and still plans on visiting the Cincinnati Bengals where his former Steelers linebackers’ coach, Marvin Lewis, is the head coach. “And I have been on the number one ranked defense in the league and I have been on the last ranked defense in the league. There is definitely a difference in attitude and in preparation and focus that goes into it and I can provide insight into that.”

    When he went to Seattle, though, he quickly found out that the grass isn’t always greener as success did not come as easily to the Seahawks. That is why he would like to finish out his career with a solid team.

    “The team went 15-1 last year,” said Brown. “They have just as good a chance as anybody in the league, if not better. I don’t want to end my career at a place that’s rebuilding for the future. I want to end my career at a place that has an opportunity to really win some games and make some noise in the playoffs.

    “I was in Seattle for eight years and I have three playoff losses to show for it. I need some playoff victories and hopefully some Super Bowl victories to round out this game that’s given me so much.”
  9. I like Chad Brown, or liked Chad Brown as s Steeler. But, I HATE the guy as a Patriot!