Steelers D?

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  1. How good was the Steelers D today? I did not get to watch the game, but I did listen over the internet here in Berlin. It doesn't get much better than Berliner Pilsner and a Steeler victory! The Germans assured me that the Steelers D is far more formidable that the Berlin Wall ever was! If the Baltimore D was having this type of year, they would be all over the national media. However, the Steelers will take the wins, rather than the press.
    Have the few remaining hold-outs in Ohio (that have YET to join the Steeler's Nation) at least given up any hope of making the playoffs in the Steeler's (once again) dominated AFC North?
  2. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    The Steelers played on hell of a game today. The "D" was very impressive especially taking into account Hampton and Polamalu, were out of todays game.

    The offense was clicking also without Ward and Holmes, two of their best WRs.

    I can't wait until we (Steelers) play New England, that should be fun :)

    Seattle only gained 38 yards rushing DOMINATION, errrr, STEELER-NATION

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    Still a Steelers fan hey Mark ??? I have to admit, the Steelers defense is the BEST in the NFL. They have given up 47 points in five, yes FIVE games. Case closed...........................I believe the Steelers will win number six this year. THE CATKING !!! .............Do I have to remind you how my predictions usually went over the past few years....:p
  4. Es ist 1:31 und der Steelers saugt still!!! !%

    Go Brown's
  5. ive been watchin espn religiously and they all said that the pats will lose one game this year,,,,, to the steelers.
  6. I have to disagree with that. Yes, the Patriots will lose at some point this year, but I don't think it will be to the Steelers. It is going to be a team that we will not expect them to lose too. The Patriots will beat every team that is worthy of a good game, including the Steelers.
  7. Darwin

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    Thought I would bring this to the top.
    The vaunted squeelers "D" was awesome against that offensive power house know as the denver bronco's wasn't it? :p :D
  8. Are you serious!?!? Redneck I don't know what you were smokin but it had you way more than buzzed when you said that! There is no way the Steelers beat the Patriots. The Patriots are way too strong of a team this year. Sure the Steelers have a strong D but not strong enough to shut down the Pat's offense. I doubt that it will even be a close game. GO BROWNS!!!
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    I have been a Steeler fan my whole life. I just turned 50 a couple of days ago. I hate to say this but, I don't think that they can beat the Patriots this year. The Steelers offensive line is way over-rated. New England will sack Big Ben at least 5 times. The only way that Pittsburgh could win, is if Brady sat on the bench. I am not worrying about that game anyway. I just hope that they can beat the Brownies. If Pittsburgh loses that game, I have to wear a Browns hat at work all week. I sure wouldn't enjoy that too much at all.
  10. Hey Moondog, Not saying your wrong but never say never ! I've seem them rise to the ocassion before, Like in 2005 when they were 7-5 and no one giving them much of a chance to even make the playoff much less a snowballs chance in He double hockey sticks of winning the Super Bowl!!! ;) ;) :)
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    There's the Pats then there is the rest of the NFL, even heads above Indy , THIS YEAR....THE CATKING !!! :)
  12. THE CATKING !!!
    (Do I have to remind you how my predictions usually went over the past few years....):) :)