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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fishing pole, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    what is up with the people over there. you give a clue as to where you went fishing and they jump all over you. Like all holes are a secret. Let me tell ya. there is plenty of info out there to find anyplace. I rarely post over there but do read all their fraternity like messages. What a load. Elitist????
  2. Dingo


    If you're referring to the post about the small trib off a larger lake erie trib, I would have to agree with them. There are so few places where a trout can reproduce or even survive a summer, that they should be kept off of the web. These places in the wrong hands (or folks fishing them, in this case) can be ruined quickly. It isn't the members of this site that are the issue -- it's the guys that search these sites for information without contributing anything in return.

    I believe that most of the regulars on that site would define guarding of information as not posting about tribs that aren't stocked/advertised by the state. Problem with posting about some of the smaller tribs (with the exception of those that can support year-round trout) is that the hoardes head to that area and either trash it and/or trespass, causing more water to be posted and no longer available for those of us who discovered these small tribs the "hard way". I had an experience a few years ago on a very small lake erie trib that held steelhead, and would be sporting, only at higher water levels, when the other larger tribs were blown out by rain. Someone stumbled across this area, posted their success on the web, then proceeded to "invite" over 20 of their "internet friends" to this creek, which comfortably fishes about a half dozen folks.

    The problem with the internet is that many more search and read posts than are 'members' of a site. So, I tend to restrict use of exact spots to "streamside discussion" or PMs.

  3. a great bunch of guys that believe it or not have nothing but the ebst intentions.

    They might be a little cryptic from time to time, but hange around enough, show up to a few clean ups and you'll get to know everyone.