steel in the cuyahoga?

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    i was smallmouth fishing the hoga monday with a buddy, between the gorge and babbs run in the falls. some random guy walking with his wife stopped and started asking us if we had caught any steelhead, i told him that they really havent entered the rivers yet and there is no way that they would this far down the cuyahoga, i know that a few get over the brecksville damn but not any any numbers, but he said that they already came through there, i kinda started laughing b/c if there were steel an any numbers down there i belive we wouldnt have caught some smallies that were about 5" long in the prime pools in the rapids, am i wrong or was this guy just an idiot? im going with the latter. we did manage to get close to 30 smallies monday, 3 were 12-14" but most were under 10". we fisted started with the really slow pools but with no success but when we started targeting slower spots within rapids we had one on about every 5 minutes. sorry no pics none were worthy of a picture -too small
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    They'll run up that far, but with the low water and high temps we've had,
    I really, really doubt that any are up that far yet.


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    i agree with creekcrawler..

  4. don't know where babbs run is, but i'd like to see a steelie jump the gorge dam!
  5. I saw a couple of steelies jump the 82 dam last weekend so they are headed that way
  6. Babb Run is a City of Cuyahoga Falls Park. It's relatively undeveloped, and because of the major floods about 5 years ago, there's currently no vehicular access. You can walk down to it though, from Sackett Ave. Babb Run is actually a small stream (run) that enters the Cuyahoga. The park is basically just upstream from Cascade MetroPark.
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    that is what i was thinking, still too early for them to be down there