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  1. I am trying to set up trip for three people to go steelhead fishing this fall, I have never done this before and would like any advise I can get. I will go with a guide so recomendations would be helpful. I could also take a boat, I am just feeling things out.
  2. You don't need a guide, there are enough good steelhead anglers on here to help you out. When do you plan on coming up exactly? That will determine pretty much where you should go. Of course, you'll probably want to know the conditions a few days in advance before you actually make the trip. Will you be using spinning gear or a fly rod?

  3. If you haven't fished them before, you might explore the guides available. You can learn a lot here.....and a lot from a guide who knows his stuff.

    Fall steel at the river mouths can be excellent trolling and casting from the walls. They stage in the lake waiting for rivers to swell with rain for the first run. Fairport Harbor (mouth of Grand) can be excellent. Check out the posts last fall......lots of info for you to read.

    Good safe out there.
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    no need for a guide unless you have already tried a few times and keep getting skucked... If you have extra money to spend a guide could help in showing you new little known about areas maybe... Throw little spinners and spoons in any river that is connected to erie in the fall... closer to the mouth early and later it doesn't really matter they are all over most of the rivers hard not to catch them ;)