Steel Egg Sinkers?(maumee river)

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  1. I was lookin on the bass pro site and came across steel egg sinkers for about the same price as lead. Of course they do not carry them in the store. I was thinking about trying them for the walleye run on the maumee. Has anyone tried and does it make a difference for the feel? I wonder if any other local stores might actually have them in stock.
  2. One thing you will immediately notice about the steel sinkers is that they are significantly larger than similar weighted lead egg sinkers.

    I try to get away with the smallest presentation as I can, and making the sinker larger only increases drag in that current IMO, raising your rig off the bottom earlier in the drift...and we all know that keeping contact with the bottom for as long as possible is the best way to consistently catch fish down there.

    Until they tell us that we have to use 'em...I'm sticking with good 'ole lead.

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    If you want something thats smaller and just as heavy as lead u could try the tungsten weights but your really looking at a huge price jump on those. I had considered trying some tungsten bullet weights for my texas rigged soft plastics until i saw the price. I dunno about you but i would cry every time i broke off a 2 dollar weight. And we all know snags are a givien when fishing the spring walleye run.
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    I have seen Eagle Claw brand steel weights at Walmart already they only come in 3 packs and are about 1/3 sz larger than their lead counterpart. You may want to try 1/4" hollow core pencil lead which you can pinch onto a pigtail and if your weight gets snagged that's all you lose.
  5. i have a bunch of the nolead egg sinkers . they are the same size as lead ones but a little heaver if you guys need some let me know what size and i will see what i have
  6. If you are using braided line then I would suggest the tru tungsten weights, but if your using mono dont bother. I like the smaller size of the weights over lead. They are a lot denser and you can definately feel the difference. Just use a mono leader that way when you get snagged which will happen it is easy to snap off if it is to deep.
  7. I know a guy that sells lead egg sinkers, cheap!
  8. Yeah I have heard of the famous swantucky.......I still need my eggs for the year. Im gonna just stick with lead. All i want is 1/2 oz. The hard part is finding a time to meet up.