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    Hi, my name is John, and I'm a steelhead addict.

    Well this weekend, I was more of a steelhead FISHING addict, because I sure didn't get to see any chrome on the end of my line, despite busting my hump for 5 hours Saturday and 4 hours today. :S We need some RAIN!

    More to the point, I want to introduce myself to you, my new support group. My name is John Newbrough. I'm 23, a graduate of Case Western, and I currently live in Beachwood. Nice to meet you all!

    I grew up fishing once in a blue moon on Conneaut or Elk. I did a lot more fishing on Mosquito Lake, and trout fishing on the Oswayo in PA. But my fondest fishing memories are of those high-flying silver streakers, and after finishing up college in Cleveland I became an instant addict.

    So in advance I apologize for:
    1.) My long and unnecessarily elaborate posts.
    2.) Asking for excessive advice while I try to get the hang of the Chagrin, Grand and Rocky Rivers!

    Any time anyone wants a partner when they hit the river, I don't have any fishing buddies in the area, so feel free to PM me for a cell number or other contact information.

    Thanks for reading my first post!

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