State record?

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  1. What's the record for a gill? Wider then a beer can and twice as long! My best by far and the biggest I've seen taken. It's in a holding tank for now,couldn't get a weight on it tonight.It's a wall mount for sure but if it's not a record it can live out it's life here.
  2. Did you get any pics?

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    gonna take some doing to beat it
    3.28 pounds
  4. Wider then a beer can and twice as long!
    Can't wait to see it.
  5. get a pic up of that one!! holy cow rex thats one huge gill!!

    oh and the record for ohio is
    Bluegill 3.28 12 3/4" Salt Fork Reservoir Willis D. Nicholes, Quaker City April 28, 1990
  6. I'll post some pics later today. I can tell it's not going to be a new record but it's one big gill! It's in reel dirty 1's little back yard pond with the Koi. I'd like to get a weight on it just for sh*t and giggles.
  7. i'll down load the pics and TRY to post them...this thing is a freaking MONSTER at a hair under 12"!!!
  8. pics are too big...252 kb and i dont know how to resize:mad: can i email them to someone to resize and post????
  9. It was a nice relaxing outing. Wave and I hit the sportsman club pond for a few hours yesterday to get our fishing fix. Was just using a hook with a small piece of crawler under a float. Caught some nice bass and some gills. Was tossing a spinner with another rod when my float went down,I hooked a small gill and let it sit till I got my spinner in. By that time a bass ate the gill. That was a hoot!
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    WOW! that thing is a pig. i hope you can get us better pictures. try this site to resize photos. its free:p i go with 75% for OGF postings.

    why is it when i look at those pictures that joke about the redneck ruler comes to mind?;)
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    definitely a nice bullgill.nice catch:B
  12. Wow! That's one impressive gill fer sure. Congrats!
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  14. Not telling you to do with the fish but if it ever has the hope of becoming a record the best thing to do is to let it go. Get some high quality pics and get one blown up and framed or an artificial mount made. That fish is well over 10 years old and it would be a shame to kill it IMO.
  15. record or not that's a nice catch! Can't wait to see pictures. Biggest I ever caught was 9 inches lol!

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    You start out in your first sentence stating, "Not telling you what to do with the fish", then you go ahead and tell him what he should do with the fish. First of all, it is not your decision on what to do with the fish, it is Rex's and Rex's only. It seems like every other post you make is catch vs. release, everyone knows your stance (pro release), enough is enough let it die (no pun intended). Stop over to my place sometime and you can see all the walleye that I have caught and released into my freezer.:D

    Rex, sweet catch by the way, see ya at the Hawgfest !:D
  17. Krusty, see what you can do with those pictures to make them bigger.
    It's not every day you see a bluegill that big.
    And speaking of freezers, I'm making some room in mine right now for those big Huron eyes this fall. I'm starting to get quite the stock pile of Husky jerks and tartar sauce. I'll be looking you up.
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    I will see what I can do with the pics. This fall should be outstanding. I have been thinking about this fall since last fall ended !:D Definitely look me up and we will hit the shorelines, you can bring the tartar sauce.:D
  19. i sized the pics down and emailed them to rex cause i could not resize for our format...not good with pics!!!:mad: but i will email full size to anyone that wants to resize and post for us!!!