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  1. think i caught a state record today 60lb blue cat called odnr and they said i had to take it somwhere and weigh it on certified scale did not no were to take it to . told odnr i didnt want to kill it they said if i had it certified i,d have to kill it anyway?????: so i turned it loose . i have pics if any one can help me to post them
  2. Congrats on your catch, you did what I would have done. I don't get why they would say to get it certified you would have to kill it?! That makes no sense to me that a department that is supposed to monitor the wildlife and protect it would tell you that they would have to kill it to certify it.

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    congrats on the catch, i agree its not right having to kill the fish to certify it, as long as they put it on a scale i dont think they need to kill it, its not like your shoving rocks down his throat to make it weigh more.... but then again its stuff like that, that makes the rule the way it is. But congrats on the record
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    congrats on a nice catch.

    there's a bit more to certifying a record than just putting it on a scale.and in some cases,you could have one certified without killing it.just need to get the dnr to work with you on it.
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    Congrats on the fish.

    Email me the pictures and I'll post them for you.

    I talked with the outdoor writers association about this earlier. They want to have the stomach contents studied to make sure the fish came from Ohio. I guess they had a Florida bass turned in for an Ohio record and found Florida native plants in its stomach. It was disqualified. But they also agreed that you might get around killing it.

    Public pressure is the best way to change these policies. I would have called every newspaper and TV station in the area and told them.
  6. Congrats on the fish and Congrats on not killing it!
  7. Sent Pics To Neocats He,s Gonna Post Pics For Me I Dont Know How To
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    Here are the pics of your blue cat.
  9. holy smokes. Those guys do get fat, don't they. Way to go dude!:B
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    nice catch! where'd you catch it? ;)
  11. thanks neocats for posting my pics i didnt clarify im the guy in black with glasses on, the guy in blue hat is my brother ,the guy in green hat with beard is a freind of ours . last yr my brother caught a 33,45,&51 lbr,s .i can now finally . stop hearing about his big blues
  12. Wow! Congrats on a great catch!!
    And thanks for releasing it
  13. Nice fish man, and like everyone else said, glad to hear you put it back, but kinda sucks that it's at the expense of a state record, it would be nice to have that as a bragging right.
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    Absolute MEGA fish. What a sow! And what a guy for putting that thing back! Neocats, I know you are very knowledgable on cats, (or anyone else that feels like chiming in), but how old do you think a fish like this is??
  15. What an incredible fish!
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    it's very hard to estimate age by just weight,or even length.growth rates depend on various factors such as habitat,diet,etc also.but just for s&g i'd say that fish could be anywhere from 15 to 20+ years old.many people believe catfish live to 50 years or more,but that is not the case.based on the research i've done,blues,channels and flatheads probably don't live past their 20's,and any that might,would be a rare fish indeed.
  17. Congrats what a great fish :B :)
  18. Thats a dandy. Where is obvious, but I'm more interested in what bait was used to temp that big girl.