State Park 10/11-12

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  1. Robert Woodson

    Robert Woodson Woody in Akron


    Spent two beautiful fishless days :S and managed to cover just about the whole water system doing it. No one that I talked to had caight a thing except for one fellow who docks his boat on the lake and he had managed one small one on a spinnerbait early Saturday morning. Seems to me that the fish have been off for a longer time than just since the water levels have been lowered...if you haven't been out a word of caution that you cn find the bottom a lot easier now especially in underpasses and narrow channels.

    Want to take time to offer a tip of the hat and a sincere thankyou to Buick Rivuera and the Missus, who offered me a tow back to the ramps after I found the battery too week to start the motor agaiin...(figured that I'd just go get another battery) was a can go wrong kind of day for me Sunday and apparently I was just adding to the confusion created by last chance "Tourists" out on the lake and at the ramps...motor ran fine on the way out, and when the motor wouldn't start I just threw in the trolling motor, never even tried it before talking to the Riviera' any rate when I pulled it in after attaching the tow rope (LOL) the propellor was gone! Oh Boy!!! Good thing I didn't pass on that opportunity for a tow.

    Did anybody figure out how to interest those fish this weekend? I marked enough of them but felt like I was shooting blanks. I'm sure that Buick and I'd both be curious if anyone found a method to land a few..

    Good Fishing,
    Woody in Akron,
    Portage Lakes/Coventry
  2. vkutsch

    vkutsch You scratched my anchor!

    Caught a few bass and erch at Mog on a senko sunday, nothing exciting

  3. out at new state park got 3 channel cats. one about 6lbs and another about 3 the other was a small one. that was sunday night.
  4. Robert Woodson

    Robert Woodson Woody in Akron

    I'm glad somebody is getting some fish...I changed tactics yesterday and fished a half a live crawler around some docks, thought that I might just raise a Bass, but it didn't happen; I did turn up a Bluegill about a foot long..he was a big boy for sure.

    Good fishing,
    Woody in Akron,
    Portage Lakes/Coventry.
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    :B a 12" BG would be on my wall!!!:p