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Starting to get depressed

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by redman, May 9, 2004.

  1. Where are the ponds or small lakes to fish in, I went to mosquito yesterday in my 12 ft boat and I almost sunk it. I was fighting more with the boat than I did with the fish. I did catch 2 LM 1 @ 11'' and 1@13.5'' and one cat that was 5''.
    I need to find a decent enough lake to put in a 12ft boat with a trolling motor. Or a place for good shore fishing.
    I have been out 5 times and have only caught 6 fish :mad: :(
  2. Mogadore, nimisila, springfield are all good bass lakes for small boats.

  3. Get your chin up Redman. There's a TON of great bass water in the Akron area for you, plus gills, crappie, cats, etc. A big part of fishing is figuring it out. You can take all the reports in the world, and still not catch fish.

    Mogadore and Nimisila are electric only and would be perfect for your 12' boat. Also, both are great bass lakes, if that's what you're looking for.

    BUT, and I say this with the best of intentions...

    You need to figure out what works on which lakes. It's not an easy thing to do either. It takes work. It's a lot harder WITHOUT a website like this where you can ask experienced fishermen what works on a specific body of water, but YOU need to do it. Also, you're not going to catch fish every time out. It can get frustrating too, because you hear of guys nailing them, but that should be a sign to switch what you're doing and try something different. What works on one lake may not be the ticket on another.

    Keep asking questions, get out there and learn the lakes. They'll come a point when you'll start to figure out what works where and when you do, it's VERY rewarding. ;)

  4. paco


    another great bass lake is walborn (?spelling) i think its limited to 10 hp . but like big daddy said you have to figure out what they want . i always had luck at walborn casting rebel crawdads .
    on the boat subject you will have better luck on lakes like mosquito and berlin during the week . i used to have a 13ft that i took to berlin and many times i wondered what i was doing out there . most of the time on the weekends i wound hide in the no wake zones and fish .
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    Try Highlandtown, good size lake and electric only, has a good population of bass, bluegill. You can go down there sometimes and have the whole lake to yourself. Located just above Salineville off of rte 164.
  6. Don't get depressed. I am in the same boat (literally). I to have a 12 foot boat with a trolling motor. I usually fish at Nimisilla, Mogadore, and have recently been fishing Long Lake (one of the Portage Lakes). Long Lake is relatively small and I have not seen many people fishing there. One thing that you have to consider in your boat is that it has been really windy. In a boat the size of our's, I end up fighting with the wind more than the fish. However, it's still better than working! Keep at it and the fish will come.
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    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    I have a 12 foot boat also. I have a 42# MK auto pilot on the front that makes it a lot easier in the wind. I have a 30# in the back. I stay at Moggy and Nimisila with that setup. I throw my 7 HP on the back and hit Long Lake and plan to hit the Muskingum Watershed Lakes (9.9 and under, Leesville, Piedmont etc) this year with the gas set up. All lakes these lakes are great for little boats.
  8. Is highlandtown on rt 39 I tried looking it up on mapquest but that didnt help to awful much. If anybody knows the way there let me know.