Starting The Project

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  1. Of coarse every good project must start with some set backs. In this case, finding affordable parts and trying to convince fedex that my apartment does exist. But it has been well worth the wait for what I have received today.


    Yep, now I can start the FAL project! The kit is a mess with some baby puke jungle paint, missing carry handle, bent hand guard, dirt, scratches and rust to boot. But in my eyes is the best package I have received in a long time. After having seen action in the Rhodesian War, and years of neglect and abuse I will bring life to this pile of scrap. Updates will come when significant progress is made.
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    is that .308?

  3. yes or 7.62x51, safely interchangeable yet not exactly the same. I am hoping to get the headspace evened out between FN factory specs and SAMMI .308 standard, so it will work flawlessly with either.