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starting a deisel tractor

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bulafisherman, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. I borrowed an almost new 30 horse farm trac utilitly tractor from a buddy of mine to put in my yard over a week ago,great little tractor! got the lob done but seemed to start hard when cold, well went to start it yesterday to clean it up and return it and it would not start! anyone know anything about these tractors and have any suggestions, glow plug or starter relay bad?? if so how do I narrow it down?
  2. When you say would not you mean will not crank, or will not run? Starter relay problem would be a crank problem, glow plugs will be a run problem. Most diesels have a glow plug button to preheat, or turning the ignition to the left and holding until the plugs get hot, or turn the ignition to the "run" position and wait for the glow plugs to get hot before cranking.

    If the machine doesn't crank, it could be any number of safety switches in the system. Look at the gear selector, is the clutch depressed, is the PTO off? There could be others as well.

  3. walk us thru what you do to start it, does it crank?? did you heat the glow plugs?? did you run it out of fuel?? etc . I:VE got three diesel tractors here ,I need more info.
  4. this tractor has the ignition that you turn one click and it actavates the glow plug,there is a glow plug light that comes on and then turns off when the tractor is ready to start, it cranks over and puts out white smoke just wont start, I did notice from the day I got it the glow plug light wont come on when cold starting it, after it was warmed up, after that when I would shut it off and than start it while still warm the light would come on for about 15 sec and than go off, turn the key the rest of the way and it would fire right up. Iam thinking its the glow plug, how hard are they to change?
  5. Just give it a shot of starting fluid in the air intake while you crank it. Should start right up.
  6. Haha troy dave, I think not! thats one thing I wont do! I dont want to turn a little problem into a big problem. Iam assuming you are joking:D
  7. he is joking. I have driven tractors on and off the road for 32 years. Farm tractors and tractortrailers. If they sit for a bit of time the fuel will drain out of the lines and it "could" be tough to start. BUT!! by the same token you got to be careful when you hit it with "spray" because if you do too much then you will melt a piston head or the motor will "lock up" and freeze until the spray disipates. Keep in mind it is not a bad thing to hit it with a little either (starting fluid) Just a couple of short blasts while someone is cranking it.Also, remember that piston heads melt at 1320 degrees.

    I would listen to BountyHunter. He has a few tractors himself.
  8. I don't think that you should have a problem starting it in 80 degree weather, glow plug or not. If you think that could be the case, you could always see if it has a block heater on it, plug it in to warm it up. It should have a 3 prong plug. That would narrow things down a bit if it starts right up after having the block heater plugged in.

    If it is turning over, and you are getting white smoke, that means that it is getting fuel, so I doubt that the shot of ether is going to make that much of a difference. I would guess with a newer tractor it has to do with some type of safety switch or something that is not allowing it to start. Check the fuses and relays first. Could be a safety switch on a seat, or pto, or it is stuck in gear. Good luck, and they can make you pull your hair out at times.
  9. Why haven't you called your buddy that owns the tractor? He would be the one to ask.
  10. it wouldn t start for him ether! I called the dealer and they told me not to touch it with starting fluid! I have used starting fluid on may older tractors over the years,this is a new pieice of junk made in tiwain I believe! lol needless to say the dealer came and hauled it away on a flatbed today
  11. that should've been asked from the start,

    IS IT UNDER WARRANTY?:confused: :confused: