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Started to think about gettin Ready

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by papaperch, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Started a slight re-do on sled . Mostly to make packing and hauling neater and faster. Added a Striker Ice Transport it can hold all my lures five of my expensive rods 4 of my Jaw Jackers. Rod rack holds the Jaw Jackers rods. Can pull or push sled depending on conditions.

    Also going to redo my FF/GPS setup . Going with a Garmin Echomap 92 sv with a panoptix PS21 and the normal ice ducer. Setting it up on milk carton crate. Will post pic on that when Ifinish it.
  2. Nice!! Reminds me to throw my batteries on the charger. Last year I was on the ice on Christmas...that's only 4 months from now! Can't wait

  3. AtticaFish

    AtticaFish Jiggin Freak

    Awesome setup. Have never seen a 'push' bar for a sled like that. Needs a couple extra skis out the back...... and a pack of dogs out the front. haha. I can't wait till we get some ice!

    I scrolled back up to look at the photo again and noticed the background............ how many sleds do you have?
  4. Yes I got three sleds. One is real lightweight for run and gun fishing, Other two are for hauling the heavier loads when more equipment is needed. Some swear by the snow skis
    but my 70 year old back likes the water skis better. Push bar not my idea but when I tried it .I liked it especially going down steep hills. Once on rather clear ice I used it like a snow scooter. Probably going to sell the one heavy duty to give me some room in crowded garage. Having big garage sale this fall with tons of ice gear.
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  5. Please let us know when your sale will be. I'm hoping for a year with good ice. Maybe just make it a online OGF sale? I'm sure it would go over well.
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  6. linebacker43

    linebacker43 S.S Mud Dobber

    ^^^ Yes please let us know ^^^
  7. Still have some autumn backpacking to do before really thinking about hardwater times. Once the frost hits the pumpkins, I'll be getting the itch.
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  8. It's a lil hot today (Monday 9/25/17) at 90 in NE Ohio., so here's a couple of pics to cool ya down:
    Keeper Crappie.jpg ICED PERCH.jpg Minnowhead Ray on the Ice.jpg
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