Starcraft Islander 2007 paint popping below water line

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by silvrfox, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. Starcraft Islander NEW 2007 (Aluminum Boat). The paint around the rivets is popping below the water line. Starcraft says it is electrolysis & no warranty. Are there any ways to treat this problem. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thx much...silvrfox


    These pics were sent to my dealer & they sent pics
    to Starcraft at the end of Oct. 2007. The dealer
    called me & said the warranty doesn't cover
    I talked to Starcraft rep. 1-22-08. I asked how
    they could determine from email photos that
    electrolysis did the paint damage. He said paint is
    not covered in the warranty.
    I asked about paint not being prepared right. He said
    that there will be other issues and there isn't any
    warranty. I said is it that "cut and dry" & am I stuck
    with it. He said Yes sir. I then said thank you and
    hung up.

    The closest boat with electrical hook up is at least
    200 feet away, I don't know exactly how far but
    probably further. There are several aluminum pontoon
    boats around me & I haven't heard of anyone else with
    problems. I didn't install any thing on the boat, but
    the dealer did. Trim tabs, depth/fish finder, hour
    meter & Perko battery switches.

    Thx Much again...silvrfox
  2. Eriesteamer

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    I think they gave u the old run around thing.I had a 1962 Star craft boat as you have and never had that problem. know what I think did it.water or moisture getting threw from the other sides making that bubble up.I see this happen on cars to.well thats my say about it. maybe I be in error but then.something was at fault and dought it was your fault. man they ought give you another and tell you to Shhh about the problem. here thousands see your problem will make them look bad. man Id tell them you will post there bad buyer be where should well been under all warantees as I see it.well hope you get a better shake next boat you buy.we here at OGF ought let them know about this.I urge all to call them and tell them about the bad practice of welching the wannentee.thats wake up there sorry azz maybe

  3. KaGee

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    Any sacrificial zink?
  4. Lewis


    As KaGee stated,maybe you need to add a sacrificial anode if it is indeed electrolosis.
    These are the little screwed on tabs that you often see on outboard motors.
  5. freyedknot

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    the use of galvanized screws used for aluminum may be a cause,or a 12 volt short into the hull may be another.
  6. As a Starcraft owner myself, I am dissapointed over the lack of customer service this guy is recieving. I first read of his situation on the GLA site and I steered him over here for more exposure.

    Someone on the GLA site claimed to be a Starcraft employee in the paint shop. This person indicated the problem was due to improper paint prep. This guy also has water leaking into his radio box and glove box. SC won't address those issues either. Sounds like he bought a lemon.
  7. Rednek

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    I doesn't sound like your dealer is going to bat for you with Starcraft. I think they could be doing more.

    I hope this dealer is not a sponsor of the OGF.
  8. Silvrfox told me he met Vic at the Pittsburg boat show, but purchased the boat from a dealer in PA, (who by the way, no longer carries Starcraft).

    This info is copied from the SC website:

    BUILT TO LAST. How tough is a Starcraft
    aluminum fishing boat? Glad you asked. Each
    one is NMMA Certified and meets or exceeds
    all U.S. Coast Guard requirements. We use
    only 5052 H34 marine grade aluminum — the
    toughest we could find — to resist dents, dings
    and unwanted corrosion. We also finish our
    boats with a radiant heat-cured paint finish for
    good looks that will last, season after season.

    I'm no attorny, but it sort of sound like an implied warranty to me.
  9. KaGee

    KaGee Monkeywrench Staff Member

    You can get them and mount them to other accessories as well, like trim tabs.
  10. The boat is in storage until spring.
  11. i agree with bob4246, if there willing to put that information on there website or pamphlets or any other information to be seen by a person(s) for intrest in possibly buying a boat, that information could swing someone to buy there product, i would contact someone about filing a lemon on it there is laws out there to protect you from having to deal with things of this nature. id def make some phone calls, and if that was my boat and my boat did that, i wouldnt have been as nice as you and i wouldnt have spoken to a phone rep, go straight to the top, phone reps do nothing more than steer you around so they dont have to spend the companies money to fix a problem that clearly shouldnt happen, the only question i have is why in the world is there no warranty on the paint its on the boat you bought, if there is a blemish or a flaw its there boat its there product they should cover it or atleast find a remedy to resolve the problem, go straight to the top and dont take no for an answer.
  12. Eriesteamer

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    What I tried tell him. you did it better. we here ought be behind him on this as a member getting a raw deal is bad for all us fishermen.I never buy another Starcraft till they take care this.
  13. Give the BBB a call and see if they can help you out on this they shure do help you on cars.I have owned 4 aluminum Starcraft boats starting from back in the sixteys,I still own a 79 16 ft. fish master which i bought new. I have never had any trouble with any but the 22Ft one that i had which i ran on Lake Erie,it had a 175 Johnson on it,It was a new boat the first year they came out with a deep V in aluminum i poped about 10 revits out running wide open in 4Ft. plus waves trying to get out of a storm.Starcraft took care of it no questions asked.Never seen anything like you are having,looks like a paint prep proublem. Call the BBB Tight Lines Fishguy
  14. I'd use the theory that if you don't have a big prick, be one!!! Be one even if you do! Looks like they are more concerned with the quick buck than a good reputation. I'd write to the attorney generals of both states & let Starcraft know the least expensive way for them to deal with it is to fix it. Be in their faces about all the people you are informing of them screwing you & that if there is a legal way to get them to fix it you will find it.
    You could probably put this story in front of 100's of thousands of fisherfolks/ boaters on line in a very short time. You could hit lots of forums on many sites. I started an E-mail chain that reached 1,000's in just a few days. I followed it for 4 or 5 levels & the # of people you can reach is amazing. My problem was Farmer's Insurance. They offered me 60% of the value of my car that was destroyed by one of their policy holders. They use an appraisal company that no one ever heard of. I swear it's owned by insurance companies. It's called Valuescope. I Googled it & the first page was full of sites & blogs about the federal class action suit they lost for massively underappraising cars. One man had been offered $18,000.00 for a 1 year old Cadillac Escalade. That's a $60,000.00 car! My company paid me a fair amount then chased Farmer's. Farmer's lost! Farmer's paid my company the full amount & spent hundreds if not thousands in payroll & other costs trying to save a buck & rip me off. I sent a compliant to the Ohio Dept. of Insurance that Farmer's had to respond to. I don't think I've used the word fraud so many times in such a short amount of time. I got my deductable back. They can't do anything to stop me from communicating this story cuz it's TRUE!! I don't mean to offend any of their employees but my view is that Farmer's policy is to poke the claimant anyway they can & that's not an honest way to conduct business. Rant, rant.
  15. First off let me say I am on the Starcraft Pro Staff.

    I always find it amazing how someone can come on here and present ONE side of a story and some people will just jump on board as if it is the god almighty truth, no questions asked. I am no way saying silvrfox is lieing but haven't you ever heard the saying there is more then one side of the story? Come on guys before you automatically believe everything someone is saying think about it for a minute.

    Three people mention electrolysis and ways to eliminate it but most disregard this and the lets throw Starcraft to the wolves begins. It is especially concerning when you say how happy you have been with your Starcraft yet are so quick to ASSUME they are trying to screw someone and what ever that person says, even though you do not know them, has to be the truth. Also it appears that some think that even if it is electrolysis Starcraft should still fix it for free. That is crazy. If you parked your new car where it was going to get salt water sprayed on it every day would you expect the manufacturer to fix it for free after it rusted when it was your fault?

    Can anyone explain to me if it is a paint or prep issue why all the issue is within 1/8 of an inch of a rivot? It would make sense to me that a paint/prep issue would be much wider spread. Can anyone tell me what I am missing in this line of thinking?

    I spoke with the rep for this part of the country tonight and he had not heard anything about this issue until earlier today so that brings up another question from the original post that doesn't line up.

    Again I am not trying to "call" anyone out but it always amazes me how the "pack" mentality can take over on things like this and usually level minded people can get caught up in the moment and start making unfounded and outrageous assumptions and claims.

    silvrfox - PM me if there is anything you think I can help you with.

    Matt D
  16. Silverfox, Do you keep your boat in the water or on a trailer? Didi you happen to use a pressure washer to clean the hull? Was it only the rivets below the water line with damage?

  17. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member


    Welcome to OGF.

    The best advice I've heard yet is to contact Matt D and see if he can help direct you to the right people to discuss your problem with. If it is a paint prep issue or any other issue that is the fault of Starcraft I am 110% sure that they would and will address your problem.

    However, it would be unreasonable to expect any manufacturer to take care of issues that are not their fault or within their control.

    I wish you luck in determining the cause of your problem and a speedy resolution.

    I am closing this thread for now. Silvrfox when you have a conclusion to this story come back and let us know what the cause and final outcome was.

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