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  1. I am a third year hunter and Saturday got a taste of how cruel the woods can be. I was so excited to sit most of Saturday in a great location in Lodi...hung ladder sticks, screw-in steps, 2 stands (one great big one my wife got me last year) and rope 2 weeks ago. Get there Sat morning with my brother-in-law who was going to tape me and everything was gone. Someone hacked through the cable I had around both stands and took everything including the screw-in steps.

    Talk about a major disappointment, I had high hopes for that hunt and then got them all ripped out of me with one glance at the tree. We ended up going down the road, but could only hunt for 2 hours as my blood was boiling and all I could think about were my stolen stands. Called the Game Warden, they sent out a Sherriff to take the info down, but not much they can do.

    Advice to everyone: mark your stands with some identification so if this happens to you, you can identify your stands if they are ever found.

    Forever using a climber on that property and still looking for buck 2007.
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    what did the landowner have to say, he prolly knows which one of his neighbors would be apt to do that?

  3. Unfortunately, it is a 150+ acre piece of land with no houses, he lives 40 minutes away. I shouldn't have left stands down there, however I have last year and earlier this year with no problem. The set that was stolen was put up in a different part of his land then I have hung before. There is an adjacent block of woods that was just recently posted "Leased, no hunting / trespassing"....I may check with the owners of that land.