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  1. Saw an commercial on the Outdoors Channel about adding Stabil to your outboard every so often. I have a 2-stroke 50hsp Merc. Is this something I need to be doing on a regular basis? Or does it just need to be done when winterizing.
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    not sure about the stabil, but i and a lot of others use use seafoam regularly as an additive to help fight carbon buildup.

  3. I add Seafoam to my boat with a built in tank on a regular basis and also for winter storage. On my outboards with portable tanks I add seafoam with each gas addition through the season, empty the tank for winter storage and run the outboard out of gas. I also spray some light weight gun oil into the cylinders and pull it over a few times without the plugs installed and them put the plugs back in and pull it over a few more times. Been doing this for over forty years and never had a ring seizure problem even after long term storage.
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    Say you go out fishing and put fuel in the boat in May. Then June rolls by and maybe you're too busy. July comes and you get out mid-month. Over even that period of time the gas will deteriorate a bit and lose a little octane. By adding Stabil you slow that process dramatically and help keep that fuel fresh. I've seen outboards in less than perfect health not even start on 3 month old fuel. Original fuel quality has an impact as does storage methods. If your fuel tank sits exposed to sunlight the heating/cooling effect takes a toll.
    For the added cost of a bottle of Stabil and the help it provides, it's cheap insurance if nothing else. My boat gets it in the spring during the first fill up, mid-way through the summer and then again in the fall. I figure with a tank the size of mine (69 gallons) there is always SOME Stabil in the fuel. That beats nothing.
    I also SeaFoam at the end of each season as well.

  5. I've been dumping a can of Seafoam in my boat's gas tank every third trip to the gas station since it was new. When I know it's the last trip of the season, I dump a can in and top off the tank.
  6. There are a few different schools of thought on this. I put seafoam in with evey gas up like most of the others. I have a plastic on board tank that I like to have about half full at the end of the season. To this half a tank I add a whole tanks worth of seafoam and winterize. In the spring I fill up, de-winterize and am ready to go.
  7. At $7 a pint, it sounds like a $400 winterization. I always wondered how the other half lived. Now I know.
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    A non-outboard guy here... Stabil, marine version, for winter storage.
    No troubles here.
  9. I was told that I should add Sta-Bil to every tank full for my 9.9 4 stroke Evinrude. I traded it in on a 9.9 4-stroke Mercury and still add it. I run it like that all summer and the Merc purrs like a kitten. I think at haul out, I'll fill the tank full with gas that has Sta-Bil added.

  10. When I said "To this half a tank I add a whole tanks worth of seafoam and winterize"

    The operative word would "worth"
    Meaning a double treatment, NOT half a tank of seafoam:p

    I don't really know what half I am in but I only have a 10 gal. tank and it would STILL be expensive;)